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Shopping Trip Field Research & Comments-Week of 6/6/11 at Rite Aid, CVS, Staples, and Walgreens!

Here's my "field research" for this week. I visited Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Staples! These deals will expire this Saturday, June 11, 2011. I am only posting deals that I've tested out and are MM, FREE, or nearly free!

L'Oreal Lip Liners- can't wait to try these! 
L'Oreal cosmetic scenario

This week there's FREE toothbrushes, John Frieda Full Repair Root Foam, Excedrin, Crest Rinse 1L, Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes, L'Oreal makeup, and cheap Honest Tea (I love!), and Ban deodorant.
Note: I hope you took advantage of the email X off $X Q that appeared in your inbox last week! For me, I got a $4 off $20+ purchase coupon!

Ban $2.99 w/EB $2= .99 cents, .24 cents w/Q: Use .75 cents Q from SS 6/5/11. Your new total will be .24 cents! 

Colgate 360 Toothbrush or MaxClean/Fresh/Foam Toothpaste, Limit 2, $2.79 w/ EB $2= .79 cents, .04 cents or FREE w/Qs: My region didn't have the $1/1 Qs from RP 6/5/11. Mine were .75 cents. After using two Qs, my total came to .04 cents each!

Colgate Multipack, Get $3 EB, Limit 2: YMMV on this one. If you buy the cheapest multi-pack which is priced around $2.99, you should be able to get this item for FREE. HOWEVER, it doesn't seem like the EB is printing for the $2.99 3 toothbrush multipack and the rest are too pricey to make this a good deal. I'm not sure why since it's also a multipack manual toothbrush, but you have been warned! 

Crest Pro Health Rinse, Limit 2,  $4.50 w/$2.50 EB= $2.00, FREE w/Q: Buy 2 of these. Use TWO $2/1 Qs from P&G June 2011. = FREE!

Excedrin, 8 count, .99 cents w/EB .99 cents = FREE:  Not all stores carry this item. If they do, it's either in the pain relief aisle with the rest of the Excedrins (but on a hanging strip) or in the travel section. 

Gas Promotion (Spend $30, Get $10 Free Gas!), Limit 1: I went through different scenarios and will pass on the deal. There's too much junk food/candy in it and not enough HV Qs to go around! 

Honest Tea Beverages 5/$5 w/EB $2 = 5/$3, Limit 1, FREE or in my case $1 for 6 bottles: I did this deal a few weeks back without any Qs. However, I managed to have some $1/2 Qs this time around and am planning on using it later this week for this deal. I will buy 6 bottles ($6 total), use THREE $1/2 Qs, pay $3 in total, and get back $2 EB = $1 for all 6 bottles! If you're like me and cannot grab any Honest Tea Qs from Recycle Bank, try finding Honest Tea display promotional stands at various stores including Walgreens for this $1/2 Q!

John Frieda, Spend $10, Get $3 EB, Limit 1: I bought two Full Repair Root Foams ($5 each sale price). I used TWO $5/1 Full Repair Styler Mqs found in SS 6/5/11. My total was $0/FREE and I earned $3 EB! MM deal!

L'Oreal Lip/Eye Cosmetics, Limit 1, (Spend $10, Get EB $3, as low as FREE for two lip items): This wasn't a promotion I was going to partake in this week. However, the magic coupon machine spitted a $3 off $10 cosmetic Q for me and I couldn't resist!
  • Buy TWO L'Oreal Lip Liner (I didn't like the lip color/sticks so I opted for liners) $5 each sale price
  • Total = $10
  • Used $3/1 magic coupon machine Q (YMMV- NOT everyone gets this Q)
  • Used $2/1 Lip color RP 5/1/11
  • used $1/1 Lip color Q found here (registration required)
  • new total= $4, get back EB $3= $1 total!
  • Best Scenario:  This deal would be completely FREE if you had TWO $2/1 lip color Qs to use. I didn't so I printed a $1/1 from the L'Oreal website. Keep in mind that for every $50 you spend in beauty products, you get a EB $5!

Oral B Pulsar, Limit 2, $6 w/EB $3=$3, as low as FREE w/Qs: I went to two CVS' and both were cleared out of this item. Interestingly enough, my area did not have the highly anticipated $3/1 Mq in the 6/5/11 Sunday Paper (P&G June 2011 insert). It only had a $2/1, but I guess that was enough for people to clear the aisles at both stores.

P&G Products (Spend $30, Get FREE ProGlide or Gillette Venus Razor), Limit 1: No matter how I calculated the scenarios, I passed on this deal because I didn't think it was that great of a deal. You would end up paying a lot oop and the items aren't at it's rock bottom prices (an exception and fair deal would be the CoverGirl Lip Gloss Balm as a separate deal).

Rite Aid
Veet $4.49 20 count wax strips

Scenario from the P&G Brandsaver Spend $30, Get +UP $10! More body wash for my dad!

This week we have FREE Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrushes, John Frieda Full Repair, Blink Tears, Crest Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Veet, and cheap candy, gum, and greeting cards! We also have a P&G Spend $30, Get $10 UP+ Rewards promotion and a Finnesse Clean & Simple deal that isn't listed in the ad!

Make sure you check your receipts for a $3 off $15+ purchase survey code! I've saved so much from using these! Plus, you are giving the stores some very important feedback! 

Caution on Rebate Checks: Please save receipts and submit all rebates in that month at the end of the month when you are DONE with all the rebate promotions! Rite Aid only issues 1 rebate check per month and not PER item even though they call it "single check rebate".

American Greeting Cards (Buy 3 American Greeting Cards and get a $5 UP+ Reward, Limit 2): Cheapest card that would qualify for this promotion is $1.29. $1.29 x 3 = $3.87. Use $1 Mq found here (expires 6/15/11). Pay $3.87-$1= $2.87 and get a $5 UP+ Reward! Total: FREE Cards & MM $2.13

Note: While the promotion allows the cheapest item to be $1.29, it was very difficult to find a card for that price. Most of the cheapest cards were priced at $1.99. Using that as a more realistic scenario, we have $1.99 x 3 = $4.97 and get a $5 UP+ Reward! = Free Cards & MM .03 cents!

Blink Tears ($7.99 w/Rebate Check $7.99= FREE), MM $2 w/Q: Use the $2 Mq from RP 5/22/11 OR $1.50 Mq found here. Pay $5.99 out of pocket. Submit for Rite Aid Rebate Check #9. Get back $7.99. Total: FREE & MM $2
Note: If you are lucky, I have spotted Qs on the products for as high as $4/1 making for an even better deal than above!

Crest Toothpaste/Manual Toothbrushes ($2.57 w/+UP Reward $1.60= .97 cents each!), Limit 2, as low as FREE w/Qs: Unfortunately, my region did not have the $1 Mq in SS 6/5/11. Mine was .75 cents which was enough for me to bite on this deal since I had the $3 off $15+ survey code for the entire transaction. With the best scenario, this deal would be $2.57-$1= $1.57 out of pocket w/+UP Reward $1.60 = MM .03 cents! For me, I paid $1.82 oop and got back +UP Reward $1.60 = .22 cents!
Total: .22 cents each
Best Scenario: FREE & MM .03 cents!

Finesse Clean & Simple $3.99 Shampoo or Conditioner, Limit to do the deal below: Get 1 Finesse Clean & Simple (this line only!!!!) shampoo or conditioner. Use the $1/1 Mq from SS 5/8/11. Pay $2.99 and submit for $3 Rite Aid June 2011 Rebate Check #41. = FREE & MM .01 cents!

Note: Depending if the manufacturers will accept this promotion with the submit for $2 rebate check offer via the rebate form that was adjacent to the $1/1 Mq, you could be looking at a MM $2.01 if both goes through!

John Frieda (Limit 1 to do the deal below): Grab the John Frieda Full Repair Root Lift Foam for $4.99. Use the $2 OR $5 Mq from SS 6/5/11. My region (Northern California) got the $5 Mq. Get the item free. Save the receipt and submit (Internet, Snail Mail, Fax) for Rebate #36 via Rite Aid Single Check Rebates. Get a rain check if the item was out of stock like it was for me. You have until the end of the month to snag this deal with it! Total: Get the item for FREE & Get a $5 rebate check! 
Caution: Please make sure you get this item (or another styling item, but this is the cheapest item for this promotion that I was able to find) and not the Full Repair Shampoo/Conditioner which is NOT part of this rebate.

Nestle Candy Bars Buy Two, Get Third One Free): I didn't participate in this deal, but I think it's decent if you need a filler for the $3 off $15+ survey code or to use your +UP Rewards. Also, there are TWO Nestle candy coupons (.35 cents/1 and B2G1F). Print them while you can! Personally, I am saving mine for Walgreens' deal starting Sunday, 6/12/11 when the Nestle single candy bars are .39 cents a piece making it just .04 cents w/the .35 cents/1 Q!

Oral-B CrossAction Power Toothbrush $5.99 & $2.99 UP+ Reward, Free w/Q: Use the $3/1 Mq from the P&G June 2011 (6/5/11 Sunday Paper). Pay $2.99 and get $2.99 in UP+ Rewards! Total: FREE!

P&G Brandsaver (Spend $30, Get $10 UP+ Reward, Limit 1): Here's what I did.

  • FOUR Old Spice Body Wash 2/$7 = $14
  • FOUR Old Spice Deodorants 2/$7 $14
  • 1 Gillette Clean Gel Deodorant $3.50 (since it's part of the 2/$7 promotion)
  • Sub-Total: $31.50
  • Used $3 off $15 survey code
  • Used FOUR Buy 1 Old Spice deodorant, Get 1 Old Spice Body Wash FREE (P&G June 2011, 6/5/11 Sunday Paper, x 5/31/11)- this subtracted $14
  • $1/1 Mq for Gillette Deodorant from P&G June 2011, 6/5/11 Sunday Paper x 5/31/11)
  • New total= $13.50 oop & got a $10 +UP Reward = $3.50!
  • Make sure all your items total $30! It would be a big mess if it didn't!
Select Gum/Stride Gum Scenario (.77 cents each), as low as FREE w/Rite Aid Video Values & Qs (you can only do this transaction once using the following set of Qs or do it twice with the Rite Aid Video Values Qs alone): Buy two Stride gums. Use $1/2 SS 4/3/11. Use .50 cents/1 May 2011 Rite Aid Video Values and .50 cents/1 June 2011 Rite Aid Video Values. = FREE! 

Note: The Stride Mq did not appear in my regional newspapers. Even without the Mqs, I thought it was a good enough deal at .27 cents each after the Rite Aid Qs.

Veet Hair Removal Products (Prices Vary, Buy 2, Get +UP Reward $5), Limit 2: Here's how I'd do it to maximize your value. Cheapest product with this promotion are the 20 count hair removal strips for $4.49.

#1: Get $4.49 (20 count hair removal strips) x 2 = $8.98: Use 1) May Video Values $1off 2) $2 off weekly ad Q 3) TWO $3/1 any Veet Mq Facebook prints 2x- Go to 28 Days of Beautiful. "Like" them. Click on day 1. = Total: -.02 = FREE w/ $5 +UP Reward! MM $5 (or $5.02).
#2: Repeat the transaction- this time with the following Qs: Use 1) June Video Values $1 off 2) TWO $2/1 any Veet Product Mq (prints 2x). = Total $8.98-$2-$2-$1= $3.98 w/$5+UP Reward! MM $1.02!

Note: For whatever reason, this Facebook Mq was having some issues at the cash wrap even though it is the correct coupon for the transaction. The cashier had to manually type it in. Also, YMMV in finding the $4.49 deal. I was only able to do #1. For the #2 transaction, I got some liquid remover for $6.49 a piece (before Qs and UP+Rewards).
The only thing that piqued my interest this week is the .99 cents Scotch tape w/a reusable dispenser. Use the $1/1 Q found here. I ended up buying an extra tape because I didn't want to deal with coupon issues since the value of the Q exceeds the value of the item in this case. Please let me know if you know exactly how this is handled at Staples if you know the answer to the scenario above!

Reach multi action toothbrushes scenario
Laundry Deal scenario
On clearance for 25 cents per bag! Great filler!

I am loving the Pringles and anticipating the cute Pringles speakers along with FREE Comet, Reach toothbrushes, fish oil tablets, and Sobe Lifewater this week! Also, if you are from CA and select states, you can try the Ensure 4 Pack for FREE with a MIR available adjacent to the Ensure products/aisle at Walgreens!

Chex Mix 3/$3.99 w/.99 cents store coupon (June 2011 monthly coupon book-located adjacent to weekly ad stand in-store)= 3/$3, .50 cents each w/Qs: A few weeks ago, I grabbed a few of the General Mills $15 coupon books from Safeway. Inside was a $1/2 Chex Mix Mq! I used 3 of these for $3 off. .
  • Buy six bags of Chex Mix $3.99+ $3.99= $7.98
  • Use THREE $1/2 Chex Mix Qs either from this book or multiple .50 cents/1 Qs previously found here. = -$3.00
  • Use .99 cents/3 (will subtract 2x since I got 6 bags) = -$1.98
  • = Total: $3 for 6 bags or .50 cents per bag!

Comet 2/$1-FREE w/Qs: I hope you printed the Mqs previous found here a few weeks ago! It's on sale this week and with the in-ad Q, you can grab two cans for FREE! If you printed the Mq twice, then you're looking at four cans of FREE Comet!

Ensure $6.99 for 4 or 6 Pack, FREE w/Try it Now MIR: I got a 4 pack for my grandmother a couple weeks ago when it was $6.99. My region did not carry the $2 off Mq that everyone is talking about in the 6/5/11 Sunday Paper. However, if you're like me and are from a state that is participating in the "Try it Now" promotion, grab the form, buy the $6.99 4 pack this week, and submit for a rebate check via snail mail! Find the MIR form adjacent to the Ensure products at your local Walgreens (if your state/region is participating in it). Read here for more details from my earlier post.

Gillette (Spend $30+ in participating Gillette Products, Get $10 RR Back!), as low as $1.87 for the 5 items below w/Qs: I went to a few stores to scout out this deal and not all the stores had the participating items labeled. It was a bit confusing, but I tried to use my best judgement. Given the complications in this large transaction, I highly suggest that you do it as a separate transaction in itself with limited to no complications especially for all the newbies out there. My cashier messed up my transaction badly because she failed to scan the $9.89 razor that I wanted as part of the transaction. That caused two managers to come by before my problem was resolved. 
Here's the best scenario (and the one I used): 
  • Buy 2 Shower Gels $4.99 each
  • Buy 2 Deodorants $5.49 (or in some cases $5.79 in my area depending on which store you go to)
  • Buy 1 ProGlide Razor $9.89 w/ RR $5 
  • sub-total= $30.85
  • Use ONE B1G1F Shower Gel Mq (P&G June 2011 from 6/5/11 Sunday Paper)
  • Use ONE B1G1F Deodorant (RP 5/15/11) = Although item is priced at $5.49, coupon says max value $4.99 so it should only take off $4.99.
  • Use $4/1 ProGlide razor Mq from P&G June 2011 from 6/5/11 Sunday Paper)
  • Total after Coupons: $16.87 w/RR $5 (razor deal) & RR $10 = $1.87 for all the above items!
  • Note: You can also get the razor alone. Use the $4/1 Q mentioned above= Pay $5.89 oop and get a RR $5= .89 cents!

Healthy Women Soy Supplement $8 w/ RR $8 = FREE: I couldn't find any coupons for this product, but I don't think I would get another bottle. I thought I could use this, but it looks like I will be donating this item now because I read the fine print- "for menopause women".

Laundry Deal (Spend $10+, Get RR $3), Best Scenario = $3.47 w/RR $3= .47 cents w/Qs: The scenario I had planned worked out with some minor tweaks. 
  • Buy TWO Tide Stain Release 10 Count, $3.99 each
  • Buy ONE Mr. Clean Magic Eraser- Extra Strength (duo count) $2.99 each w/25% off
  • sub-total: $10.22
  • Used TWO $3/1 ANY Tide Stain Release (Read previous post on how I got these high value Qs). 
  • Used ONE .75 cents Mq from Organizing Your Home (read previous post on the full coupon listing and how to grab the booklet here).
  • new total= $3.47 w/ RR $3! = .47 cents for all 3 items!

Omega Smart Super Critical Ultimate Fish Oil (30 count) $10 w/RR $10= FREE, $2 MM w/Q: Use this $2/1 Mq and pay $8 oop. Get back a RR $10 for a $2 MM.

Pringles (3/$4), $4.33 for 4 cans and free speakers: Use the $1/3 Mq found in RP 5/22/11. Pay $1 for each can. Note: If you buy an extra can at $1.33 (sale price), you will qualify for this MIR for a FREE Pringles Speaker! Save your receipts for it! It looks so cute! Scenario w/Free Speakers: $4 (for first 3) + $1.33 (4th can)- $1 Mq= $4.33 for 4 cans plus the speakers!
Reach Toothbrushes (and other dental care items are 2/$5 w/RR $3= 2/$2), as low as FREE or MM w/ Qs: For this transaction, I am focusing on the Reach total-care multi-action toothbrushes! My region did not get the HV $2/1 Mq from a few weeks ago. I made up for it in that I had some $1/1 Reach Total Care toothbrush Walgreens Catalinas from about two months ago. For this deal, I bought 4 Reach total care toothbrushes = $10. I then used four $1/1 bringing it down to $6. I got back RR $3 from the promotion plus a $4 for the monthly reach promotion that is going on since I bought 4 toothbrushes. This means it was a $1 MM for me. Also, look for $2/1 peelies on the product itself! I found 1 on one of the toothbrushes I bought which means I can save one of my CATS for later!
  • Walgreens Catalinas $1/1 (from previous toothbrush promotions/deals in April and May)
  • $2/1 Mq- which I did not have
  • $1 and $2.50/2 from RP 5/1/11 (which were also rare in my area but I had 1 set of these).

SoBe Lifewater .99 cents w/RR $.99 cents= FREE: I hope you saved those Icy Hot .99 cents RRs from last week like I mentioned in a previous post! If you did like I did, you would pay just .05 cents for a bottling fee (potentially less or not at all if you are from a state that does not charge this). 
Note: I went to several stores to try to find this item. NOT all stores have this item! 

I don't get a lot of comments on this blog, I do know that people read it! Let me know what you find! I love to hear from folks! 

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