Monday, June 6, 2011

Safeway-Buy $50+ iTunes, JCPenny, Lowe's, Nike, Kohl's, Get $10 for grocery!

This is a great deal for those that are buying gift cards for graduations, Father's Day, or if you happen to shop at iTunes, JCPenny, Lowe's, Nike, or Kohl's! From now until June 19, 2011, Safeway is running a gift card promotion! Spend $50 or more in participating gift cards (the ones listed in this post) and get a $10 Catalina good for your next grocery purchase! Since gift cards don't expire and are treated like cash at stores, it's a worthwhile investment especially at stores like Kohl's with frequently $10 off $20, $10 off anything, and 15-20% additional coupons OR JCPenny's with their Sephora (inside the store) and frequent store Qs.

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