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Walgreens Shopping List Week of 6/5/11- FREE Sobe Life Water, Omega Fish Oils, Comet, Garnier, Healthy Women, Ensure, & Reach!

My Shopping List for Week of June 6, 2011

I love deals, but I only participate in the ones that truly make sense! FREE or MM Sobe Life Water, Omega Super Critical Fish Oils, Healthy Women Soy Supplement, Comet Cleaners, Garnier Frutis Hair Care, Reach Dental Care, Ensure! We also have some cheap Starbucks ice cream and Chex Mix! My comments are in blue. See the end of the posting for my favorite "fillers" aka cheap items that combine well to using those register rewards!

Page 2
  • One Pint Starbucks Ice Cream, Limit 4, 2/$4.99, as low as $3.99 w/Q
    • Use $1/2 Q found here (prints 2x, registration required)
  • Pringles Super Stack 5.71 to 6.73 oz excludes Fat Free, 3/$4, as low as 3/$3 w/Q, FREE Speaker Offer too!
Page 3
  • Planters Nuts (Peants, Cashew Halves & Pieces, Mixed, Flavor Grove Almonds), 2/$6 w/RR $2 = 2/$4 aka $2 each, as low as 2/$2.50 or $1.25 each w/Qs
    • Use TWO .75 cents/1 Qs from 3/11/11 Sunday Paper (sorry, don't remember which insert)
Page 4
  • Get $3 in Register Rewards w/$10+ of participating products below. 
    • Includes: Laundry Care (Bounce Dryer Bar or 70 or 80 pack Sheets, 10 pack Tide Stain Release or Liquid 20 oz, Downy Liquid, 21 or 40 loads or 80 pack sheets), Cascade Dishwasher Detergent (powder or gel 60 oz, 15 pack ActionPacs), all $3.99 each
    • Select Swiffer, Febreze or Mr. Clean, 25% off
    • For this deal, below is the best combination I thought of w/Qs.
      • Buy 3 Tide Stain Release Products, $3.99 each
        • Use THREE $3/1 ANY Tide Stain Release Product
          • Find these high value Qs inside select Charmin toilet paper packs- I got mine from the Charmin toilet paper deal ending tomorrow/Saturday).
      • Buy 1 Mr. Clean Eraser $1.99 w/25% off = $1.49 at my local store
      • Use ONE .75 cents/1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, 
        • P&G Organize Your Home Coupon Book ($35 worth in Qs), Read my previous post for more info!
      • $3.99 x 3 = 11.97-(3x$3 Qs) = $2.97 + (1.49-.75Q=.74)= $3.71
    • Total: $3.71+ tax for ALL four items PLUS RR $3 back = .71 cents +tax!
  • Comet Cleanser 14 oz, Limit 4, except in NM, 2/$1 or .50 cents each, FREE w/Qs
    • Use TWO .50 cents/1 Comet Cleanser found here
Page 6
  • Buy 2 American Express Gift Cards, Get $5 RR-not a bad deal if you are looking to give a gift card to dad or for a graduation gift! The $5 should help defray most of the registration fees for both cards.
Page 8
    • Coppertone Sun Care, Excludes Sport, $9.99 w/RR $4  = $5.99, as low as $4.99 w/Q
      • Use $1/1 Q found here (prints 2x)
Page 11
  • Garnier Fruitus Hair Care (Shampoo or Conditioner, Styling Product), 4/$14 w/RR $4= 4/$10, as low as 4/$6 with Qs OR MM if you can find the clearance items!
    • Use FOUR $1/1 Qs found here (you would need to use two different computers b/c there's a limit of 2 prints per computer)
    • Note: The clearance items has been extremely difficult to find in Northern California where I'm located. Most stores had 1-2 bottles left earlier this week and they were priced around $2.19 each. If you are lucky to score the $1 something styling product, this deal would be a MM after the RR $4.
Page 12
  • Reach Dental Care (Total Care or Ultra Clean Toothbrush, Floss 30 yards,  2 Pack Advanced Design Toothbrushes), 2/$5 w/RR $3= 2/$2 or $1 each, as low as FREE or MM w/Qs
    • Use TWO $1/1 Reach Total Care Toothbrush Catalinas from Walgreens  (these were printing multiple per transaction for awhile w/ the last Reach Total Care toothbrush deal) = FREE
    • Use Reach product Qs ($1 to $2.50 depending on which one you use) from SS 4/17/11, best scenario would be to use the $2.50/2 one in which case this would be a MM .50 cents deal!
Page 14
  • B1G1F Nature Made Select Vitamins and Supplements w/FREE Nature Made 7 Packets of Skin Beauty & Wellness Supplement $1.99 value, Trial Pack.
    • Use TWO $1-$2 Qs found here (registration required)
Page 15
  • Ensure 4 or 6 Pack, $6.99 each, FREE w/MIR Try it Now! OR $1-$2 MM w/Q + rebate!
    • Find the MIR form called "Try It Now" adjacent to the Ensures in-store (the same form is in the Ensure aisle at Rite-Aid and CVS in case you cannot find them at your local Walgreens)
    • $1-$2/ONE 4 Pack, SS 6/5/11 
Page 16
  • Pantene Hair Care (Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Product), 2/$7 w/RR $1 = 2/$5, as low as 2/$4 or $2 each w/Q
    • Use $1/2 Q from P&G June 2011 Insert available in this Sunday's 6/5/11 Paper
    • Note: In the last couple weeks, I've seen the same Pantene products for $1-$1.50 each w/a HV 2/$3 Q from P&G May 2011. I would still buy it at $2 each, but only if I am out of shampoo/conditioner.
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor (Battery or Manual), $9.89 w/RR $5= $4.89, as low as .89 cents w/Q
    • Use $4/1 Q from P&G June 2011 available in this Sunday 6/5/11 Paper
  • Omega Smart Super Critical Ultimate Fish Oils 30 count, $10 w/RR $10 = FREE, as low as $2 MM w/Q
    • Print $2 Q from here 
    • Note: If you end up not using a Q for the above item, use the RR $10 Catalina from the AppliedNutrition Calcium deal from this week for it!
  • Healthy Women Soy Supplement, 45 count, $8 w/RR $8 = FREE!
  • SoBe Lifewater 20 oz + CRV (in CA it's 5 cents), .99 cents w/RR $.99 cents = FREE!
    • Note: Minimize your spending and use the RR .99 cents from the Icy Hot deal this week!
  • Snacks, Chex Mix, 5.5 or 8.75 oz, 3/$3.99 w/.99 store Q (June 2011 Walgreens Coupon Book) = 3/$3 or $1 each, as low as 3/$1.50!
    • Use .99 cents/3 Q from the June 2011 Walgreens Coupon Book. You can usually find these near the entrance by all the ads.
    • Use ONE .50 cents/1 Chex Q previous found here AND $1/2 Q from the General Mills $15+ Coupon book that you can found at select grocery stores including Safeway last month. Read my previous post for details).
My Favorite "Fillers"
  • Page 2
    • Morton's Salt OR Dearfield Farm Baking Soda 2/$1 aka .50 cents each!
    • Mars or Dove Candy 1.1 to 2.17oz, Limit 6, .49 cents each!
  • Page 3
    • Butterball Chicken Broth, 14.5 oz, Limit 4 except in NM, 2/$1 or .50 cents each
    • Dearfield Farms Seasonings .5 to 5.25 oz, Limit 3 except in NM, .79 cents each
    • Chicken of the Sea (SArdines, Chunk Light Tuna), Limit 3 except in NM, .69 cents each
    • Comet Cleanser, 14 oz, Limit 4, 2/$1 or .50 cents each (see above for how to get it for FREE if you don't want to use this as a filler)
  • Page 8
    • No Nonsense Essential Basics Knee Highs, Limit 6 except in NM, 3/$1 or .33 cents each
    • No Nonsense Essential Pantyhose, Limit 3 except in NM, .79 cents each
Happy Shopping! Let me know what you find!

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