Saturday, June 11, 2011

Safeway Shopping Trip- Cheap Hamburger Helpers, Lunchables, Nestle Milk, Cheerios!

There were a few deals I couldn't pass up tonight at Safeway! Since I shop at Kohl's anyways, I bought a $50 Kohl's gift card, and got $10 to spend on grocery at Safeway as part of their Father's Day Gift Card Promotion. Here's how I spent my $10 along with relevant coupons. Note that the Hamburger Helper Q expires on Sunday 6/12/11.

  • TWO Lunchables Sub-Sandwich (4/$5 or $1.25 each part of the Luncheables Basics Sale)
    • Used TWO $1/1 Qs SS 5/15/11
    • =total .25 cents each x 2 = $.50 cents good deal!
  • SIX hamburger helpers .99 cents each (w/8 items mix and match promotion)
    • Used TWO $1/3 Qs from General Mills Mq Book found at Safeway from May 2011 (read previous post)
    • =total $3.94 - pretty good price for these since the last few good Hamburger Helper sales were around $1 per box
  • TWO Cheerios Cereals (I got the Banana and Apple Cinnamon ones-$1.99 each - with 8 item mix and match promotion)
    • Used $1/2 Q from General Mills Mq Book at Safeway (May 2011 Booklet-see above)
    • =total $2.98 -good, but I've seen the prices drop as low as $1.49 for Cheerios and with a .75 cents off Q (more rare for the specific flavor ones like the above).
  • TWO Nestle (16oz Size Chocolate Milk-$1.25 each or 4/$5)
    • Used TWO .50 cents/1 Qs from RP 6/5/11
    • total = $1.50 - seen it as low as $1, but this isn't a bad price for this product, great Q if your area 2x
  • ONE Lunchable w/Dole Fruit 2/$5 or $2.50 each
    • Used $1/1 Q previously found on Lunchable's Facebook Page OR SS 5/15/11
    • =total $1.50 fair price- used as a filler here- I've seen this item go as low as $1.25 each (many bloggers posted this as $1 at Walgreens a few weeks back, but I went to multiple Walgreens and it was simply not available or sold at all at least in California)
  • TOTAL: $10.42-$10.00 (Q from buying the gift cards) = .42 cents!

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