Sunday, July 3, 2011

FRESCHETTA Pizza By the Slice Deal at Target- Commentary & Updates!

Last week I was reading Totally Target's blog posting about the Freschetta By the Slice Deal. I finally got around to testing this deal out (and my stomach is quite happy w/the quality of these slices). See my field update below. Price (Price-Cut) is valid through 7/16/11 according to the signage at my local store.

-I used TWO $1/2 manufacturer coupons printed from Target Online. = 4 items total
-You can also print a $.75 cents/1 MQ from Freschetta's Facebook page after "liking" them.
=Total: $1.66 x 4= $6.64- $2 (in MQ)= $4.46 out of pocket 

I noticed that each box purchased had a "look inside" for offers marking. After I got home, I opened all four boxes and noticed that each box had a different offer. I even tested this by buying 2 of each product and it appears that the offers inside the boxes are not based on the slice type. It's random. You will either get a Buy 2, Get 1 Free rebate form (limit 2 per household, per name, address) OR a huge manufacturer coupon that is valid for one of the following 3 offers: (expires: 11/30/11) for #1 $1/1 full size Freschetta Pizza, #2 $2.50/2 Full Size Freschetta Pizza, and #3 $5/3 Full Size Freschetta Pizzas. You only need 1 of these forms so cross your fingers and hope that you get one of the multiple boxes you buy.'s where it gets interesting... 
I am a bit confused at the rebate offer which reads, "Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Freschetta Pizza by the Slice Mail-in Rebate Offer (up to $2.39). Then...later in the rebate form it reads, "buy any TWO (2) by the slice products at the same time on or before 8/31/11". It I am reading this correctly from this specific phrase, it means that I completed by transactions correctly by buying FOUR slices (Limit 2 rebate offers w/each offer requiring TWO slices). I am going to submit the rebate based on this and if it all works out, I should get a rebate check in 6-8 weeks w/$3.32 and at the very least $1.66.
Best Scenario
Spent OOP: $4.46 
-$1.66 x 2 = $3.32 - cost of 2 slices
+.44 cents stamp
= $1.58 for 4 slices or .40 cents per slice!!!!

Worst Scenario
Spent OOP: $4.46
+.44 cents stamp
= $3.24 OR .81 cents per slice!!!

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