Monday, July 25, 2011

Field Updates: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Staples, OfficeMax, Walmart, & Whole Foods!

Here are my updates after my Sunday shopping trip. Besides the usual stores, this week I am including Whole Foods and Walmart into my list! This week I did not go to Office Depot. Stay tuned as I will update this list when and if I go. To review the $1 and under, FREE, and money making deals for this week at the stores, check out my weekly Do Good list!
From the 3 big drugstores, CVS arguably has the best overall ad this week! Also, yesterday was the last day to use the $5 off $20+ purchase skincare coupon machine Q (overlapped from last week). Be sure to scan your card until it says, "no coupons available".
Skitimate (Part of the Spend $20, Get $10 EB Deal, Limit 1)
Bonus razor packs INCLUDED in deal.
 $1.50/1 MQ, $1/1 MQ, .75 cents/1 MQ, and .55 cents/1 MQ available.
.49 cents Kotex Pads, $2 for Shampoo+Styler, & FREE Contact Lens Solution!
Nestle Pure Life Bottled Water, 24 Pack, $2.97, Get $1 Back from Saving Star wyb 2!
I didn't get this item b/c I still have tons of water from the Arrowhead deal. However, less than $5 for 48 bottles of water PLUS $1 back from Saving Star = $2 for a case of 24 bottles is not shabby at all!

Snacks (Cheez-It Snack Mix, Corn Nuts, Oreo, Lorna Doone), 4/$5 w/EB $1= 4/$4, as low as 4/$2 w/MQs! Limit 1.
I didn't have more of the $1/2 MQs to spare and this appears to be the only MQ to work for the sizes that are part of this deal. 

Get $3 w/3 Mennen, Irish Spring, or Softsoap Products, Limit 1
Best pairing this week is on the Softsoap (liquid or foaming hand soap, 8-8.5oz) priced at $2. The MQ is no longer available to print. I used TWO $1/1 MQs (if you have an extra computer, you will be able to print an extra MQ making this completely FREE!). Paid $4 and got back $3 EB = $1 OOP. Also, keep an eye out for the $1/1 coupon machine Q for Irish Spring items (e.g. I got one for deodorant).

Paper Mate Grip Ballpoint Pens (Black, Blue) $1.99 w/EB $1.99= FREE!, Limit 1
Tons left. Is no one writing nowadays?

Personal Care
Crest Toothpaste/Floss Deal, $2.99 w/EB $2=.99 cents, as low as .24 cents w/Q!
Didn't look like the Pro-Health toothpastes were included according to the signage at my local store. I bought TWO Glide flosses and used TWO .75 cents/1 MQs, making the items just .24 cents each after EB! Supply was quite low Sunday afternoon.

Herbal Essence/Aussie Shampoo/Styler/Conditioner Deal 2/$4.97, as low as FREE w/Qs! 
Also Part of Gas Deal (Spend $30, Get $10 Gas Card)
Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to snag a $2/2 Hair Care Q from the coupon machine. I did use the $3/2 MQ from P&G July 2011 to snag a styler and a shampoo for $1.97! And I got $4.97 towards my $30 required to get the $10 gas card this week! This is probably one of the best (if not the best item) to buy this week for the gas deal IF you manage to have multiple $3/2 MQs!

Ivory Soap, .99 cents for 3 Pack, .49 cents w/MQ!
Great deal. Even Walmart had these priced at $1.27 for the 3 pack!

Neutrogena Facial Cleansers, Buy 2, Get $5 EB, Limit 1
It looks like the facial bars are probably not included in this deal. However, there are many cleansers that are part of the deal. Be sure to check out the Neutrogena website for some $1/1 MQs and $2/1 MQs for the suncare items!

Neutrogena Sun Care $7.99, as low as $5.99 w/MQs!
Be smart and look out for the $2 off when you buy 1 Neutrogena Suncare item AND 1 Smartwater 1L (Priced $1/bottle right now) store coupons! You can save an extra $1 with this CVS Store Q and get free water! Unfortunately, someone had went through my local store and yanked these off both the water bottles and the suncare items! I was only able to spot 1 left. Make sure to print the $2/1 MQ as well.

Spend $20, Get $10 Extra Bucks w/Playtex and Schick Products, Limit 1
The best way to maximize value on this deal is to purchase shaving cream/gel. I was able to pay a little over $3 for 9 bottles of shaving cream (men and women) after coupons and factoring in the $10 EB I got back. Also, make sure you try to snag the bottles w/the Schick razors attached to them! They are part of this deal. The premium Skintimate shaving cream is INCLUDED in the deal! There were plenty of Edge shave gel at both of the stores I went to. The 2nd best option is to combine shave gel/cream with 1 of the Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razors if you have a $3/1 MQ or $4/1 MQ.

L'Oreal EverPure, Everstrong or Eversleek Shampoo/Conditioner/Treatment, Buy 2, Get $5 EB Back Deal, Limit 1
I didn't get a chance to explore this deal today, but there are current $1/1 MQs out for it on RP Online.

U By Kotex Liners 40-60 ct, pads 14-18 ct, or tampons 18ct, $3.49 w/EB $2= $1.49, as low as .49 cents w/MQ!
There were multiple places to snag the $1/1 MQ and one came w/the U by Kotex mailer sample awhile back that doesn't expire until 2012. There were tons left and this is a great deal for something other than pantiliners!

Re-Nu Sensitive Contact Lens Solution, $7.89 w/EB$6= $1.89, as low as MM .11 cents w/Qs, LIMIT 1
There were a few bottles left at my store. Great deal! Make sure you check the expiration date!

Bengay/Precise Pain Patch/Cream, Get $2 EB w/Purchase, Limit 1, MM $1.01!
The least expensive qualifying item is the Bengay cream. This is the week to use that $5/1 MQ you printed from I bought the $5.99 Bengay cream, used the $5/1 MQ, paid .99 cents, and got back $2 extra bucks!
100% Back in MaxPerks Rewards on Backpacks,Totes, and Messengers, Limit 2, = FREE!
Plenty of selection left Sunday afternoon. Seems like most folks went to Staples today. MaxPerks members will get their 100% back in MaxPerks in September. Teachers will get it back in October. Excludes tax.

OfficeMax 8.5x11" multipurpose paper 500 sheet ream, Limit 2, $6.99-$6.98 MaxPerks Rewards= 1 penny! Tons left. In the paper section and in the front near the cash wrap.
Rite Aid
Finally the $3 off $15+ purchase survey codes are back on my receipts! I miss them!
Clean & Clear Deal (Lowest Price Item: $5.49 Foaming Cleanser)
-Used $2/1 MQ from here (prints 2x)
-Used in ad Q $2/1
=$5.49-$2-$2= $1.49 & Got a $3 off $15+ Survey Code!
Mead Back to School Items
Since the rebate does NOT begin until 7/27/11, I will hold until later this week to revisit this deal. There's also a LIMIT 2 (3/$1.98 w/UP+$1= .98 cents for 3 composition books deal) that can be in itself a separate deal. If you need composition books, this is the place to go this week! If you are going to spend $10+ or $20+, I urge you to wait until mid-week after 7/27/11 for the SCR to kick in!
Make sure you clip the $5 off $25+ purchase in ad Q! It adds up quickly especially if you purchase items w/rebates available! Also, if you can't find it in the ad, the Q has been emailed to select members. I got one $5 off $25+ purchase  email Q and $10 off $50+ purchase email Q via tonight. Also, if you haven't purchased a Savings Pass ($10), it's still not too late! You need to hit $67 pre-coupons and rebates to break even which you probably would between now and 9/17/11 (expiration date). I am still holding off on backpacks here. This week it's 50% back in Staples Rewards, but I have a feeling that they will compete and offer the 100% Staples Rewards promotion once again this year.
Staples Multipurpose 8.5x11" Paper Deal (Limit 2)
Looks like the rebate is up to $5.49 each and the savings pass has subtracted the rebate value. You won't get the full rebate amount back, but instead only up to the amount MINUS the Savings Pass.

Penny Deals
Plenty of pencils in stock. Index cards and Avery 5-Tabs were harder (Look for the correct ones!). Some items are scattered throughout the store and along the aisles in special crates/bins.

$1 & Other Deals
In its own section. Generally speaking, great selection.

Charmin Toilet Paper $4.99 for 16 Rolls
Yes, this deal is still alive and well! I even got .75 cents off for using my Savings Pass, but I neglected to bring my .25 cents/1 Charmin Item MQ into the store. Otherwise, it would have been just $3.99! NOT too shabby at all and a great filler to hit $25!
I came here armed with my $3/1 Target Store Q for Revlon beauty tools w/purchase of Revlon cosmetic item. Well apparently everyone else did, b/c the selection was dim. I'll save it for another date. Back to school season in full swing. Plenty of Dove's Men+Care deodorant (multi-pack and single packs w/free trial sizes), body wash, Method cleaning products, and more!).
Jif to Go Peanut Butter 8 Pack (Retails: $2.29) for FREE w/Store Q from Target

Got my Tums 24 Ct (Priced: $1.92 each). Qs had some issues even though it was the 24 count. Target Web Q only required 12 ct or higher. MQ required 24 ct. or higher, but still it beeped.
This is the store to go to for inexpensive Huggies baby wipes this week!
FREE after Qs Dentek Flosser!
Scrunchi Deal 2/$3 w/RR $3=FREE!
Tons left, comes in multiple colors, B1G1F ones are included in this deal, so I hope you find them!

DenTek Flossers, $2.99 w/RR $2= .99 cents-$1 MQ = FREE!
I picked up the last two while there. Someone totally wiped the shelf clean. MQ works fine.

Milkways/Mars Candy, .49 cents each, as low as .48 cents w/MQ!
Make sure you use the .50 cents/2 MQ for some inexpensive candy.

W Brand Tampons, 8 Count, $1.50 w/RR $1.50= FREE!
Someone wiped the shelf on this one at my store. Great deal!

Huggies Baby Wipes, $2.49-$1 (July 2011 Booklet Q)= $1.49, as low as .99 cents w/Qs!
If you still have the .50 cents/1 wipes MQ, this makes for a very sweet deal on wipes this week! How can you beat .99 cents for 64-72 ct. wipes!

Also, in case you have extra coupons for the Skintimate Shave Cream/Gel OR you are not participating in the CVS deal this week, Walgreens is the 2nd best place to use these MQs this week! With the in ad Q, each bottle is $1.99 and you can possibly snag one for as low as .49 cents each w/the $1.50 MQ. Also, be sure to look out for the bottles w/Schick razor for free! The premium shave cream (priced $3.24 versus the regular version as featured on the weekly in ad Q is $2.19 at my local Walmart) is INCLUDED in the deal!
Not sure what others were referring to when they blogged and said that folks can use the Sally Hansen Pedicure MQ here. There was few selection at my store for this MQ. However, remember that $3/1 MQ for Sally Hansen waxing item a few weeks ago? You can snag some inexpensive waxing strips (priced between $5.50-$7.00). The MQ is expiring soon, so I'd pick up this offer if you need the item.
Also, the BIG surprise was the pile of 75% off Back to School clearance items! I found scissors for .75 cents, luxury folders for $1, and index card holders for .10 cents! I thought Back to School Season was just 
Whole Foods
For Details on this Weeks Deals, Check Out My Previous Blog Post!
Went there with several MQs that paired w/their current store Q's found here. Could not find the Hubert's Lemonade (the other week there was a free lemonade giveaway on its Facebook page). Note that the Hubert's Lemonade and the Oikos Greek Yogurt is not carried at every Whole Foods Market. Found plenty of Seventh Generation and Method Cleaning items-both of which with MQ and Store Qs that stack together. Also, some great stacking deals for Odwalla, Larabar (Q is no longer available, so I hope you printed while it lasted), and pasta! Make sure you bring your own bag to get .05 cents back!

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