Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank You 3M Nexcare Bandages: Why You Should Provide Feedback to Manufacturers!

Nexcare Comfort Ultra Fabric Bandages, Assorted Sizes 50 eaA few months ago I wrote to 3M Nexcare regarding a box of Nexcare Comfort Fabric Bandages 35 Ct I bought from Walgreens. When I got home, I opened it and realized that I only had 6 pieces! I was annoyed since the bandages inside the box did not match what I actually bought. I emailed 3M Nexcare and they promptly responded saying that they would investigate their manufacturing process. There were a few mix ups, but I got a package from them today! They gave me a replacement product- the Nexcare Comfort Ultra Fabric Bandages, Assorted Sizes 50 ea! This gesture was appreciated and I will definitely be buying Nexcare bandages into the future!

Note: The lesson here is that manufacturers do care about your opinions (good and bad). It takes some effort to write a letter, but by participating in the process, you will make the product and the distribution of it better!

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