Sunday, August 7, 2011

Updates from the Field: CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Staples, Office Depot, KMART!

Here are my updates from the field for CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target, Staples, Office Depot, and KMART for this week (8/7/11-8/13/11). PHOTOS COMING SOON!
The ad this week isn't for me, but there are a few highlights including the Spend $10, Get $5 Extra Bucks back for Excedrin (starting from 8 count!) and multiple grocery items as part of the Spend $30, Get $10 Gas Card (I've been able to choose between Shell and Arco).

Coupon Machine Q's
-$1/1 Ice Breakers Bottle Packs x8/14/11-1 week from print date
-$1/1 Trident, Stride, or Dentyne Multipack Gum x8/14/11- 1 week from print date
-$2/1 Nature Made Vitamin-x8/14/11- 1 week from print date-yay! 
-$1/1 ANY Maybelline or Almay Cosmetics item-x8/8/11-1 DAY from print date-Combine w/$1/1 MQ for greater savings!

Coupon Machine Q's- Printed Last Week/Still Valid
-$1/2 Gold Emblem Breakfast Bars-x tomorrow 8/8/11
-$1/1 Dove Candy Bag 7.98oz+- This Q works well w/ $1/1 MQ previously available here

Other Coupons
-$2/1 1L of Smartwater AND any Neutrogena Sun Care Product-no expiration date!!! I had to look at the Q 2x to make sure my eyes weren't doing a double take. After being absent from my local stores, looks like the manufacturer brought more in! TIP: Combine this Q with $2/1 MQ for Neutrogena Suncare found here. The best way to complete this deal is when the sunscreen is on sale for $7.99 AND when the Smartwater 1L is on sale for $1 (happens very often and usually with additional EBs). 

Excedrin Deal (Spend $10, Get $5 EB), Limit 1
Lowest Priced Item $4.49. Best combination is around $11. After TWO $1 MQ, you are looking at $10-$1-$1= $8-$5 EB= $3 for both. Not bad if you have a $ off Q via email OR if you need the item. Otherwise, hold off.

Honest Tea, Gatorade, Fuse, Spend $5, Get $1 EB, Limit 1
This is an announced deal from last week. It looks like the computers never reset the counter SO do not purchase it unless you don't care if it counts. If you already completed this deal last week, any additional bottles won't count this week even though the signage has been changed to reflect this week's dates.

Other Deals
-$1/1 MQ from Nestle Sample- Use this MQ for the 6-7ct Nestle Cafe Sticks= $1-$1MQ= FREE!

Make sure to stop by the pharmacy w/the weekly ad for a FREE soy joy bar!

This is the go to stop for 1 cents 4oz glue! Limit 5! I didn't even have to pay tax b/c the price was so low!

We have FREE toothpaste, deodorant, and inexpensive Starbucks 4-Pack Drinks!
Also, I picked up some FREE dental coupons (look for them adjacent to the Aquafresh display or Sensodyne display). These MQs don't expire until 03/31/12 so plenty of time to use these! Coupon book is labeled, "Valuable Coupon Savings Inside" and includes the following MQ's:
-$1/1 any Super Poligrip Product
-$1/1 any Polident Product
-.75 cents/1 any Sensodyne Toothpaste or Sensodyne iso-active Foaming Gel
-$1/1 any Sensodyne ProNamel Adult or Children's Toothpaste
-$2/1 any Abreva Product
-$1/1 any Biotene product
-$1/1 any Aquafresh premium toothpaste
-.50 cents/1 any Aquafresh Kids Pump or Training paste

Arm & Hammer Deal, Spend $3.99, Get $3 UP+ Rewards= .99 cents, FREE w/MQs!, LIMIT 2
Worked w/no problems. Here's how to snag TWO FREE tubes of toothpaste! If you just want 1 just use 1 less MQ and buy 1 less toothpaste.
-Buy TWO Arm & Hammer Toothpastes (ad says "ALL" 4oz+), $3.99 each x 2= $7.98
-Use TWO $1/1 MQs found here (registration required!), Takes off $2.00
=Pay $7.98-$2 MQs= $5.98 OOP, Get Back $6 UP+ Rewards= MM .02 cents/FREE!
***$7.98 towards the Spend $25+ (pre-Q amount), Get $5 UP+ Rewards! This is a nicer kicker which will cover for taxes and other associated costs meaning FREE and BETTER than FREE dental items! You have until the end of September to complete this deal and you don't need to buy everything at once since the receipts will keep track.

Starbucks 4 Pack Deal- $4.99 w/$1 UP+ Rewards= $3.99, $2.99 w/MQ! LIMIT 2
Worked w/no problems.
-Buy TWO 4-packs of Starbucks Drinks, Sale Price: $4.99 each
-Use ONE $2/2 MQ, takes off $1
=Pay $4.99x2= $9.98-$2MQ= $7.98, Get Back $2 UP+ Rewards ($1 UP+ Rewards for each pack)= $5.98 for both!

Degree Deodorant, 2/$4, w/$2 UP+ Rewards, 2/$2, FREE w/MQs! LIMIT 1
I wasn't sure if only the regular $1/1 MQ worked and asked the cashier. Cashier tried the premium $1/1 MQ and it worked! Either $1/1 MQs from last weekend's Sunday Paper will work (one is for PREMIUM Degree Deodorant and the other just reads Degree Deodorant). Also, some regions receive a lower value MQ (.75 cents/1 instead of $1/1 MQ).
-Buy TWO (You must purchase TWO to get the extra bucks!) Degree Deodorants  (men or women's), $2 each
**Note: Other deodorants (e.g. Lady Speed Stick is also part of this deal, but completing this deal w/Degree is the best since there are available MQs)
-Use TWO $1/1 MQ from 7/31/11 Sunday Paper
=Pay $2 OOP, Get back $2 UP+ Rewards= FREE!

Staples has been very consistent w/awesome back to school deals. This week is no different. Here are my favorites. don't forget that this week is the LAST WEEK to purchase your Back to School ($10) Savings Pass. You can use this pass 1x a day and save an additional 15% off on your entire purchase (minus technology and HP ink items). Pass expires 9/17/11.

-Hammermill Ream Paper, LIMIT 2, .50 cents after rebate!
-Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils= $5 w/easy rebate $5= FREE!
-.10 cents Composition Books, Limit 3 - $5 min. purchase required since this is an extreme deal
-.25 cents 12" see through rulers, limit 2
-.25 cents, 100 ct, Tiger paper clips, limit 2

I scored some inexpensive Sauve hair product coupons from the Can You Tell the Difference Game game. Try your luck. If you're lucky like me, you can snag TWO free styling products from Suave Professionals!

Suave Professionals Deal, Buy 4 qualifying items, get $5 gift card back!
Least expensive item is $2.74. I used the TWO free item MQs I received from Suave and paid for the remaining. Got a $5 Target Gift Card. $5.95 OOP w/$5 gift Card= Just .95 cents for 2 stylers AND two 25oz shampoos which my mother gladly took from me!

I then used the $5 Target gift card to buy a few grocery items including the Buy 4, Get 1 Bottle Free Lipton 100% Natural Ice Teas (yummy!).

Lipton 100% Natural Ice Teas, $1 each, Buy 4, Get 1 FREE! 
If you still have the B1G1F MQs that they gave away via Facebook, use TWO and pay $2 OOP for 5 bottles!
-Buy 5 bottles of tea. $4 ($1 is taken off automatically at the cash wrap since it's "free")
-Use TWO B1G1F MQs = takes off $2 
=Pay $2 OOP for 5 bottles!

All Star 1 Subject Notebooks $1 Each
Looks like the Target Web Q is NOT for the $1 sale item. The tabbed notebooks were priced $3.78 at my local store. However, you can score a $1/2 MQ making these notebooks just .50 cents each here.

We have some great back to school fillers (.9 cent highlighters!), FREE Listerine Smart Rinse Kids' Mouthwash, Crayola 24 Count Crayons, and inexpensive lunch meat, Colgate toothbrushes, and Walgreens Cafe Pizzas!

Listerine Smart Rinse Deal, $3 w/RR $2= $1, FREE w/MQ!
Last Sunday's paper had TWO MQs that will work for this deal. Also, pay attention as "smart rinse" includes both the blue bottle AND the Barbie deal/pink bottle even though the ad only pictures the pink bottle.
-Buy ONE Smart Rinse (Pink or Blue bottle), $3
-Use ONE $1/1 MQ from Sunday paper 7/31/11 (there are TWO in each insert!)
=Pay $2 OOP, Get back $2 RR= FREE!
***Next week there's a Reach Dental Floss deal (FREE after MQs! Hold onto those $1/1 MQ CATS that are printing from select transactions!).

Crayola Crayons "Preferred Teachers" 24 Pack, $1 w/RR $1= FREE!
Great filler item and deal WITHOUT the use of Q's! You can either find these in the office section OR the seasonal back to school section. Don't mind that the box will sale $1.49. My local stores never bothered to place the $1/1 RR $1 = FREE label onto the box!

Herbal Essence OR Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner, $3 w/RR $1= $2, as low as $1 w/MQ!
-Buy ONE Herbal Essence OR Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner, $3
-Use ONE $1/1 MQ from today's paper, 8/7/11
=Pay $2, Get back RR $1= $1!

Colgate 360 Adult toothbrushes, 2/$6, w/RR $4= 2/$2, .25 cents each w/MQs!
-Buy TWO 360 toothbrushes, 2/$6
-Use TWO .75 cents/1 MQs found here
=Pay $4.50, get back RR $4= .50 cents for BOTH aka .25 cents each! GREAT deal for this toothbrush!

Other Deals
-Walgreens Pizza (yummy AND just $3 each/good price!)
-Oscar Meyer Lunchmeat (ham, turkey), 2/$5 - yes you must buy TWO to get it for $2.50 each. I tested this.
-Uniball Pens (2 ct pack), .99 cents, .49 cents w/MQ!-great deal for these pens if you had the .50 cents/1 MQ print from a few wks. ago!
-.89 cents w/in ad Q White Albacore Tuna, Limit 3- good price considering the regular canned tuna is priced .99 cents at Safeway on sale this week!
-.09 cents highlighters in the Back to School section! Great filler!


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