Friday, July 15, 2011

OfficeMax Week of 7/17/11-7/23/11-FREE Scotch Tape, $1 Paper, & Back to School Deals!

This is OfficeMax's 2nd week advertising back to school sales and we have $1 ream paper, FREE Scotch tape w/Q, & more! Store locator: here.

MaxPerks= Store Rewards Card

Special Promotion
BOSE X-9 8.5"x11" Multiuse Paper, 10 Ream Case $41.99-$27 MaxPerks= $14.99!
***Note: Staples has a similar promotion this week and the total comes out to $9.99.***

-Scotch Magic Tape in Designer Dispenser, LIMIT 3, $1, FREE w/$1/1 MQ - HOT!

Under $1 Deals
-Schoolio Crayons, 24 Pack, LIMIT 3, 25 cents
-Just Basics, Ballpoint Pens, 10 Pack, LIMIT 3, 50 cents
-Office Max Filler Paper, 100 Sheets, LIMIT 2, 1 cents
-Office Max Zipper Binder Pockets, Clear, LIMIT 3, 25 cents
-Schoolio Composition Books, 100 Sheets, LIMIT 5, .75 cents

$1 Deals
-MaxPerks! Hammermill 8.5x11 Copy plus Paper, 500 sheet ream, LIMIT 2, $6.99-$5.99 (MaxPerks)= $1-you can pick this up at Staples for same price after Staples' easy rebate!
-Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 Pack, LIMIT 3
-Sharpie Accent Yellow Tank Style Highlighters 4 Pack, LIMIT 2
-OfficeMax 2x2 Neon Self Stick Note Cube- NO LIMIT Listed
-Scotch Magic Tape in Designer Dispenser, LIMIT 3, FREE w/$1/1 MQ
-OfficeMax 1 Subject Notebook, 100 sheets, LIMIT 3

2/$3 Deals-mix and match within category, No Limit unless otherwise noted
-AVERY Permanent Blue Stic 3 Pack
-OfficeMax 3x5 index cards, ruled, blank, or color
-WESTCOTT KleenEarth 5" Scissors, LIMIT 4
-Officemax wireless notebooks, 80 sheets
-Officemax 3 subject notebooks, 120 sheets

2/$5 Deals- No limit- mix and match within category
-EXPO Dry Erase Markers 4 Pack, excludes kits
-Select Crayola Markers, pencils, and colored pencils
-ZEBRA Z-Grip Gel Pen 4 packs
-OfficeMax 1" Durable View Binders-Staples has similar binders also $1 this week
-OfficeMax 5 subject notebooks, 180 sheets

2/$12 Deals- No Limit Unless Otherwise Noted-mix and match within category
-ZEBRA Z-Grip Ballpoint Pens or Mechanical pencil 24-pack
-Officemax 8.5"x11" inkjet or laser 500 sheet reams
-Sharpie Assorted Fine or Ultra Fine Marker 24 packs, LIMIT 2

Other Deals-Mix and Match within category, no stated limit
-B1G1F HP Photo and Business Communicaitons Paper- Same deal as Staples this week

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