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Office Max & Staples: Back to School Shopping Guide-Week of 7/10/11-7/16/11-FREE, MM, & Cheap Markers, Ream Paper, Pens, & More!

Here are my favorite Back to School deals at Office Max & Staples beginning this Sunday, 7/10/11, at Office Max and Staples! Deals expire Saturday, 7/16/11 AND some expire on Wednesday, 7/13/11. This is an excellent week-w/FREE, MM, and Penny Deals at both stores!
DO GOOD: Since many of these items are inexpensive, FREE, or even MM (see below for details!), consider donating them to your child's(ren's) school teachers, schools, needy kids, etc.! All of us couponers do not need all the free tape, paper, etc. since deals do come back around! I am sure someone out there will appreciate it! Staples is also making it easy to donate since they already stationed a drop off box adjacent to the cash wrap!
Office Max (Store Locator)
Note: that there is a $5 off $25+ purchase coupon in the weekly ad! If you buy a few things including the "rebate" paper below will count towards the total purchase price. You can snag an even better deal by buying a few things and using this Q! Also, some of the deals below require the weekly ad in order to get the prices below!
.01¢ Deals
  • Basic Pencil Sharpener- .01 cent! LIMIT 5 (Sun-Wed for price ONLY)
    • Additional sharpeners, 25¢ each.  Minimum store purchase of $5.00. Price 25¢ each Thursday thru Saturday.
  • Boise X-9 Ream Paper $5.99 w/$5.98 Office Max Reward Card Back = .01 cent! LIMIT 2
    • *Bonus Rewards for this offer, along with any other rewards a Member may have earned during the same period, will be issued in the next statement cycle in the form of a Reward Card redeemable toward future purchases at OfficeMax®. Reward Cards expire 90 days from date of issuance, except in Florida where they expire one (1) year from date of issuance. See inside of wrap for details.
  • Schoolio 2-Pocket Folders (w/ or w/o prongs) LIMIT 5 (Sun-Wed ONLY for price)
    • Additional folders, 25¢ each. Minimum store purchase of $5.00. Price 25¢ Thurs thru Sat.
$1 Dollar Deals
  • Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils (Select Variety)- $1 w/in ad Q
  • Sharpie Black Fine Point 12-Pack Permanent Markers- $1 w/in ad Q
  • Schoolio 1" or 1.5" Poly Binders- $1 w/in ad Q
  • Office Max 1 Subject Poly-Cover, 100 Sheets-Notebooks- $1 w/in ad Q
Staples (Store Locator)
If you're planning on spending $67+ (break even point before factoring in $ that you get back from rebates) in total from now until 9/17/11 on back to school items at Staples (basically anything besides technology items and gift cards), I highly recommend that you purchase the $10 Savings Pass. With the Savings Pass, some of the items (e.g. the ream paper, would become a MM)! Don't lose the pass- STAPLES WILL NOT REPLACE IT! I bought myself one and I am tracking how much I'd save this season. It's been 1 week and I've gotten back about 30% of my original investment and it's mainly from a rebate item/photo paper deal from the weekly deals ending today 7/9/11).
Scenario Example for Back to School Savings Pass & Ream/Photo Paper
-Buy 2 HP Everyday 8.5"x11" photo paper, 50/pack, $9.99 (before rebate) - LIMIT 2
-Buy 2 Staples Multi-Purpose Ream Paper, $5.99 (before rebate)- LIMIT 2
-Use 15% off Staples Savings Pass = Takes Off $4.79
=Pay $31.96-$4.79= $27.17 (before tax)
-Submit for the rebate & Get Back $5.74x2 (ream paper rebate) & $8.99x2 (HP everyday photo paper rebate)= $29.46
= money making $2.29 before taxes! 
=> If I did not have the Savings Pass, I would have paid $1+$1+.25 cents+.25 cents= $2.50 even after I get my rebates back! By using the pass, I essentially will have my taxes covered and will get the items for FREE if not slightly better than FREE! Another way to look at this is that about half the cost of my $10 pass has been paid for!
.01¢ Deals- Valid Sun-Wed 7/10/11-7/13/11 Only! - all limit 2
  • Staples Brand Arrowhead Cap Erasers, 1 cents w/min. $5 purchase!
  • BIC Round Stick Ball Point Pens, Pack of 8, 1 cents w/min. $5 purchase!
  • Staples Glue 4oz, 1 cents w/min. $5 purchase!
.25¢ Deals-Valid All Week- ALL LIMIT 2
  • 2 Pocket Poly Folders Assorted Colors
  • Staples Brand 1/2" Stickies/Tape Flags, Assorted Colors,
  • BIC Student Choice Mechanical Pencils, 0.9mm, 5 pack
  • Slider Pencil Cases, Assorted Colors
  • Staples 8.5"x11" 500 Sheet Multi-Purpose Ream Paper, .25 cents after easy rebate (no stamp required/can be done online), $5.99 (price)-$5.74 (rebate amount)= $.25 cents!, LIMIT 2 per household
$1 Deals-Valid All Week-ALL LIMIT 2
  • Staples Brand Mini Staplers, assorted colors
  • Staples Brand Paper Clips, Push Pins, and Binder Clips
  • Westcott 5" Scissors, 2/Pack
  • Westcott Preferred 7" scissors
  • Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Tip, Black, 5/Pack-note that the 2-pack Sharpie markers will be free w/Target Q during the same week!
  • Staples 3 hole binder punch, assorted colors
  • Staples Mini Writing pads, Legal ruled, 3.5"x5.25", yellow
  • Post-It Die Cut Notes, 2 Pack
  • Top Bound Journal w/Pen, assorted colors
  • Staples Brand letter-size writing pad
  • Staples glue sticks, .26oz, 4/pack
  • Staples Brand 5.5"x4.25" fat memo book, 200 sheets
$2 Deals-Valid All Week-ALL LIMIT 2
  • Softsoap hand soap, 7.5oz-original
  • Germ-X hand sanitizer, 8oz-original
  • Clorox Disinfectant wipes, 35/pack, fresh scent
  • Scotch Shipping Tape w/Small Dispenser, 48 mm- $1 w/MQ
  • Staples Brand 3.4"x3.4" memo pad -twirl
  • Crayola Washable Crayons, 24/pack
  • Crayola Write Start Colored Pencils, 8 pack
  • Staples Brand 3"x5" faux leather memo book, 80 sheets
  • Staedtler Xcellence, 10-Piece math set
  • Zebra Z-Grip animal print ballpoint retractable ball point pens, 5 pack
  • Staples Brand Rollerball pens, 0.7mm, black, 12/pack
  • Staples Hype retractable highlighters, 4/pack, assorted
Other Deals
  • 25%-50% off all backpacks- I am holding off on this deal until I know for certain that they are not doing the 100% back in Staples Reward (aka FREE or MM backpack if you use the Savings Pass) later in the season.
  • 50% off All High Sierra Backpacks- see above comment!
  • $1.99 Webster's pocket reference books-Dictionary or thesaurus
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free Staples Binders
  • $7.99 Staples Slim-line pencil sharpener, silver/black 
  • $1 Staples Fashion 1-Subject Notebooks
  • $5 Staples Pastel, 500 sheet ream paper, after $8.79-$3.79 easy rebate= $5
  • $2.99-$4.99- Original Book Sox
  • $5 BIC Velocity 0.7mm mechanical pencils, 10 pack
  • Buy 2 of the same HP Toners & Get a $20 VISA pre-paid Card
Happy Shopping! I know I will be having a spiffy time this week!

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