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*NEW* Do Good Shopping List for Week of 7/17/11-7/23/11-CVS, Office Depot, Office Max, Rite Aid, Staples, Target, Walgreens!

Starting this week, I will be blogging a weekly Do Good List where I will feature inexpensive (under $1), FREE, and money making items-items that make for great donations at local food banks, churches, schools, shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and more! I believe if we all coupon for a cause, collectively, we can immensely impact the world! I've been inspired by all the bloggers out there couponing for a cause. Plus, sharing is caring and tons of fun (and we don't need to have hundreds of deodorant or toothpaste). I will try to post this list by Saturday night and at latest Sunday afternoon for the upcoming sale week. Hot deals will be highlighted in red. Note that some of the items are "fair deals" meaning they made the $1 or under cut, but it's a fair price for the most part.

-Caliber Filler Paper, 150 Sheets, $1.99-$1.99 EB= FREE! LIMIT 2
-Honest Tea (see details under groceries)
-Cottonelle Wipes 42 ct (see details under Home)

Back to School
-Paper Mate Ballpoint Pens, 10 Pack, 2/$1, Target has a $1/1 Target Q right now, which makes these .02 cents at my local store!

-Pepsi 2 Liter, .88 cents
-Gatorade or Sobe Thrist Quencher 32oz or Lifewater 20oz, select varieties, 99 cents
-Bumble Bee Chunk White Albacore in Water, .5oz, 88 cents

-Mars chocolate or Wrigley's Singles, B2G1F, no exact price listed, but under $1
-Orbitz 14ct, no exact price listed, but under $1

Glaceau Vitamin Water, Smartwater, Honest Tea, or Fuse, 5/$5 or $1 each, as low as FREE w/Qs!
Use $1/1 Recycle Bank MQ OR $1/2 Honest Tea MQ found on display shelves (Walgreens is confirmed to have these shelves)
=FREE or $3 for 5 or $4 for 6!

Cottonelle Wipes 42 ct, $1.99, as low as .99 cents or FREE
Use $1/1MQ or FREE box of 42ct MQ (Note that you can only request this 1x).

Xtra 2x Laundry Detergent, 28 loads, $1.49, as low as .99 cents w/MQ!
Use $1/2 MQ from SS 5/2/11
=Total: $2.98-$1= $1.98 for two aka .99 cents each!

-Gain Dish Liquid, 10.3-11oz, .99 cents

Zantac 150 or 75, 24 ct-30ct, $8.99 w/$3 EB= $5.99, LIMIT 1, a low as .99 cents w/MQ!

Use $5/1 MQ (x2012 | comes with sample in mail) OR $5/1 MQ here
= .99 cents!

Personal Care
-VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner, .82 cents

Garnier Frutis Shampoo/Conditioner, 13oz, or Styler 1-8.5oz, Spend $15, Get $5 EB = $10 OOP, 3/$10 or $3.33 each. After all Q's, it would be .65 cents for 5 bottles! See previous posting on how to complete this deal and the printable coupons. LIMIT 1
If you are missing the $5/1 coupon machine Q, the total would be: 
*Buy 5 bottles of shampoo/conditioner/styler = 3.33x5= $16.65
*Use 5 $1/1 MQ = takes off $5
*Use the $1/1 Beauty Club email Q = takes off $1 NOTE: This Q expires Mon 7/18/11 so you would need to complete this deal and use the Q before then!
***Total: $16.65-$5-$1= 10.65 oop, get back $5 eb= $5.65 for 5 bottles or $1.13/bottle

Crest Toothpaste, 4.6oz, baking soda/peroxide, cavity, tartar control, cool gel 6.4oz w/Scope, or children's toothpaste 4.6oz, $1.99 w/$1EB= $.99 cents, .24 cents w/Q, LIMIT 2
Use .75 cents/1 MQ from P&G June 2011, 6/5/11, x 7/31/11

Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes, $1.99 w/$1 EB= .99 cents, as low as .98 cents for TWO w/Q
Use $1/2 Oral-B Indicator Toothbrush MQ 7/3/11 P&G 2011 x 7/31/11, LIMIT 2

Pantene Pro-V Shampoo/Conditioner/Styler, 2/$6.97 w/$2 EB= $4.97, LIMIT 1, as low as $1.97 for two or .99 cents each!
Use $3/2 MQ from SS 6/19/11 OR $1/2 P&G June 2011 OR $1/2 P&G July 2011
Note: $3/2 MQ regional MQ. Several papers I looked at on 6/19/11 in San Francisco Bay Area did NOT contain this MQ!

MIR = Mail in Rebate
EUO= Existing Users Only

-EUO Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security $40 w/Mail in & $30 current user upgrade= FREE
-EUO System Mechanic PC TotalCare, $30 mail in & $30 current user upgrade = FREE
-EUO McAfee Total Protection, $30 mail in & $30 current user upgrade= FREE
-3M Post-It Super Sticky Removalbe Label Pads, .99 cents, as low as FREE w/MQ! (Thanks KCL @ thekrazycouponlady)

.25 cents Deals- LIMIT 5
-Office Depot Brand Stick Pens 10 Pack, blue, black, red, green
-Crayola Crayons
-Office Depot Brand Notebook Filler Paper
-Office Depot Brand 12" Plastic Ruler

 $1 Deals
-$1 for 2 Sharpie Singles (assorted colors)
-$1 for 10 2 pocket binders
-MIR $1 Office Depot Ream paper, Pay $6.49 w/$5.49 MIR, Get Back Visa Prepaid Card, LIMIT 2

For my complete shopping guide, click here.
Store Locator:
MaxPerks= Store Rewards Card

-Scotch Magic Tape in Designer Dispenser, LIMIT 3, $1, FREE w/$1/1 MQ

Under $1 Deals
-Schoolio Crayons, 24 Pack, LIMIT 3, 25 cents
-Just Basics, Ballpoint Pens, 10 Pack, LIMIT 3, 50 cents
-Office Max Filler Paper, 100 Sheets, LIMIT 2, 1 cents
-Office Max Zipper Binder Pockets, Clear, LIMIT 3, 25 cents
-Schoolio Composition Books, 100 Sheets, LIMIT 5, .75 cents

$1 Deals
-MaxPerks! Hammermill 8.5x11 Copy plus Paper, 500 sheet ream, LIMIT 2, $6.99-$5.99 (MaxPerks)= $1-you can pick this up at Staples for same price after Staples' easy rebate!
-Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers, 3 Pack, LIMIT 3
-Sharpie Accent Yellow Tank Style Highlighters 4 Pack, LIMIT 2
-OfficeMax 2x2 Neon Self Stick Note Cube- NO LIMIT Listed
-Scotch Magic Tape in Designer Dispenser, LIMIT 3, FREE w/$1/1 MQ
-OfficeMax 1 Subject Notebook, 100 sheets, LIMIT 3

MQ! = manufacturer coupon required
VV!= Video Value Q Required

Zantac 150, $7.99 w/UP+ $2= $5.99, as low as MM $1.01 w/Q's!
Use $5/1 MQ (x2012 | comes with sample in mail) OR $5/1 MQ here
=MM $1.01 OR .99 cents!

Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush, Floss or Picks, Limit 1, $2.99, as low as MM w/MQ!
Use $2/1 Cross Action Toothbrush MQ from P&G July 2011, x7/31/11
Pay .99 cents, Get back UP+$1.50= MM .51 cents!

Samy Fat Foam Hair Dye, $8.99 w/ UP+$5, Limit 2, = $3.99, as low as MM $4.01 for ONE w/Qs!
Buy 1 bottle. Use $3/1 MQ
Use $5/1 Rite Aid Video Values Q (no longer available, hope you printed it last month!)
=$8.99-$3 MQ-$5 VV = $.99 cents & UP+ $5 = MM $4.01!

-All king size candy bars $1 or $3/3
-Arizona Tea, mucho mango, and fruit punch, .67 cents 
-All theater boxed candy, $1 each or $3/3
-Rite Aid Balsamic Vinegar, 8.5oz, $1 or $5/5
-Rite Aid Chicken Broth, $10 for 10, or $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Cream Soup, $5 for 5 or $1 each
-Rite Aid Tomato Sauce, $5 for 5 or $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Dried Fruit, $5 for $5 or $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Fruit Cocktail, $5 for 5 or $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Mandarin Oranges, $5 for 5, $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Mushrooms, $5 for 5, $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Raisins, $5 for 5, $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Tea, .88 cents each
-Simplify Berry or Strawberry Drink, .88 cents each
-Rite Aid Olives, $5 for 5, $1 each
-Rite Aid Pantry Tomatoes, $5 for 5, $1 each
-Arrowhead Spring Water, 3 Liter, .99 cents 

Aquafina Water/SobeLifewater/Gatorade, 1 Liter, $5 for 5 w/$1 UP+ = $4 for 5, LIMIT 1, as low as .71 cents for the Gatorade!
Use .20 cents Rite Aid Video Values Q (June 2011)
Use .25 cents Rtie Aid Video Values Q (July 2011)
=Final Price= .71 cents each!

-Pamolive Dish Soap, 10oz $1
-Glade Aerosol 9oz, $10 for 10 or $1 each
-Kleenex Facial Tissues $10 for 10 or $1 each
-Renuzit Adjustables $10 for 10 or $1 each
-Simply Bathroom Tissue, 4 rolls/pack, $3 for 3, or $1 each
-Simplify Facial Tissues, $3 for 3, $1 each
-Simplify Paper Towels, $3 for 3 rolls, $1 each roll

Medication/Over the Counter
Excedrin 20-24 ct, $1.99, as low as .99 cents
Use $1/1 (aisle MQ kiosks) OR $1/1 here for the Extra Strength
Use $1/1 Rite Aid Video Values June 2011

-Aim/Pepsodent/Close Up Toothpaste $1

Personal Care
-Ultra Brite Toothpaste $1
-Rite Aid Floss Ups .99 cents
-Rite Aid Hand Sanitizers, 8oz, $1
-Rite Aid Manual Toothbrushes, .99 cents

Always, Carefree, or Kotex Light Days Pantiliners, 18-22ct, $1, as low as .45 cents w/MQ!
Use $.50/1 Always Pads/Pantiliners in P&G June 2011, 6/5/11 OR Carefree Acti-Fresh (if included in sale) .50/1 (in aisle) or .55/1 MQ (MQ comes w/sample)

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Toothbrushes, ??? Price, B1G1F (not sure if this will be under $1 after Q's)
Use TWO $1/1 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush MQ SS 5/15/11 x 7/31/11
=Pay ???

Got2B Stylers, Limit 3, $4.99 w/UP+ $2= $2.99, as low as .99 cents w/$2/1 MQ from All You Magazine (June 2011)

For a complete shopping guide, click here.
REBATE!- Rebate required for purchase price. Unless otherwise indicated, rebate can be completed online.

-REBATE! BIC Brite Liner Grip Yellow Highlighters, 5/pack, $4-$4 (rebate) = FREE
McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2011 for 1 PC, $39.99-$10 instant savings-$30 mail in rebate= FREE

.50 cents Deals-LIMIT 2
-Staples assorted paper clips, assorted colors (50 per pack)
-Avery insertable 5-tab dividers
-Westcott 12" finger-grip ruler
-Staples steel 1 hole puncher
-Staples translucent pencil box, assorted colors
-Staples mini composition books, 80 sheets, 2/pack
-Staples magnetic bulldog clips, 3/pack
-Staples dual pencil sharpener
-Staples clipboard, brown, 5.5"x9
Staples photo plus 4"x6", gloss, 60/pack-$9.99-$9.49(rebate) = .50 cents

$1 Deals-LIMIT 2
-Staples assorted #2 mechanical pencils, 0.7mm, 12/pack
-Staples 3"x5" memo book, 80 sheets-top spiral
-5.5"x8.5" dry-erase board w/marker-solid and pattern
-Staples 3"x5" memo book with magnetic closure, 60 sheets
-REBATE! Hammermill 8.5"x11" CopyPlus copy paper, 500 sheet/ream, $5.99-$4.99(rebate)= $1
-Avery 1" black and blue durable binder-blue
-BIC Clic Stic ballpoint pens, black, 5/pack
-Paper Mate Profile ballpoint pens, retractable, extra bold, 4/pack

-Scotch Tape (back to school aisle ones), .50 cents, FREE w/Target Q!
-BIC Ballpoint Pens, 10 ct, .50 cents/pack, TWO FREE w/$1/2 Target Q! (no longer available!) OR $1/2 MQ here (print this fast b/c it won't last! AND make sure you print it w/another Q or else it won't print right!)

Back to School Items
-Mead 5 Star Poly Folders, .50 cents
-Sharpie Accent Highlighters, 2 ct,  .50 cents 
-RoseArt Glue Sticks (6 ct) OR RoseArt Watercolor paint, $1
-Drawing Paper, or 94 ct construction paper, $1
-Westcott compass, or 12" ruler, and other Westcott items, $1
-1" Binder or 5 ct up&up tab dividers, $1 

-Smartwater or 20oz Vitamin Water, 10 for $10 & FREE 6 pack SmartWater w/purchase of 10 20oz Vitamin Water or Smartwater singles!
-Gerber  10 for $10 or $1 each

-ZipLoc Snack Supplies, 50 ct, $1.75 each, as low as $1.50 for TWO w/Qs!
**Use $1/2 ZipLoc MQ (prints 2x) 
**Use $1/2 Target Web Q (Prints 2x)
=$1.50 total or .75 cents each!

AD Q!= in ad Q or Monthly Savings Book Q required for price! 
MIR= Mail in Rebate Required
RR= Register Rewards

-MIR! Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Monitor, Rebate Form in Package $14.99-$14.99 MIR= FREE
-2/$3-Milka Chocolate Bars, as low as FREE w/TWO $1/1 MQ  (prints 2x) = 2/$3-$1-$1= FREE! - beats the deal back in April 2011!
-RR! Mitchum Deodorant (see under personal care)

AD Q!.99 cents Carefree Pantiliners 20 or 22 pack, Limit 3, as low as MM w/Qs!
Use $3/2 Walgreens July 2011 Booklet Q OR/AND .50 cents/1 in aisle MQ or.55/1 MQ (MQ comes w/sample)

RR! Dove Men+Care Facial Bars 6/pack 2/$12 w/RR $4= $8 for two, as low as FREE!
Use TWO $4/1 Dove's Men+Care Facial Bar or Body Care MQ found in RP 6/26/11
=$8-$4-$4= FREE!

AD Q! Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes (fragrance free), $2.49, as low as .99 cents w/Qs!
Use .50 cents/1 in SS 7/17/11 - HOT deal! makes me want to have a baby to Q for this!
Use $1/2 July 2011 Savings Booklet 

Back to School Items
-9 cents-Penway or Wexford 2 Pocket Folder OR Splash Mini Highlighters, LIMIT 4
-19 cents-10 Pack Penway #2 pencils, 5 Pack Paper Mate mechanical pencils
-39 cents-Penway 1 Subject Notebook 60 or 70 sheets, College or Wide Ruled, 24 pk, Crayons
-49 cents-Penway or Wexford Poly Binder, 1", RoseArt: School Glue, 4oz, Single Jumbo or 3 pack glue sticks, Corner Office, or Penway: 10 pack Sheet protectors, 5 pack tab dividers

-AD Q! 89 cents-Geisha Canned Fruit, 15oz, Limit 3
-.99 cents, Cafe W Pastries, 4-6oz
-AD Q!.89 cents, Chicken of the Sea Chunk White Tuna, 5oz, Limit 3
-AD Q!2/$1 or .50 cents each, Salt or Baking Soda, Morton Iodized Salt, 26 oz, OR Deerfield Farms Baking Soda, 16oz, Limit 4
-AD Q! .79 cents, Deerfield Farms Seasoning .5-5.25oz, Limit 3
-.99 cents, Dinner Favorites-Tuna Helper, 6.4oz, Betty Crocker Bowl Appetit, Old El Paso 12 Taco Shells, Knorr's Rice Sides, Betty Crocker Au Gratin, Hamburger Helper Classic
-.69 cents W Candy 3-9.5oz
-AD Q! .69 cents, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25oz, Limit 3
-AD Q! .49 cents Nestle Candy Bar, 1.28-2.1 oz, Limit 6

AD Q! .79 cents, Brach's Autumn Candy, 4.2oz or 5oz, Limit 4
Use .50 cents/1 MQ from All You Magazine (05/2011 or 07/2011)
= total = .29 cents!

Ghirardelli 3-3.5oz Chocolate, 2/$3 or $1.50 each, as low as FREE w/MQ!

Use TWO $1.50/1 MQ (no longer available, but I printed these few months ago and MQ does not expire until 12/31/11) OR  75 cents/1 (thanks Hip2save)
= FREE or .75 cents each

-AD Q! .99 cents, W Facial Tissue, 80, 100, or 200 sheets, Limit 3

Personal Care
RR! Mitchum or Lady Mitchum Deodorant/Antipespirant 1.5-2.7oz, 2/$6 w/RR $4= 2/$2 or $1 each,  as low as FREE each w/MQ!
Use TWO $.75 cents/1 SS 6/26/11 OR $1/1 MQ (select aisles at some drugstores)

RR! Schick Disposable Razors (12/pack) or Xtreme 3-4/pack, $5.99 w/RR $2= $3.99. as low as .99 cents each!
Use $3/1 MQ found on Facebook 
= $3.99-$3= .99 cents! (Thanks Hip2save & Julia!)

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