Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FREE Lysol Wipes w/3 Lysol Brand Purchases via Rebate (Until 10/31/11)

Lysol is offering FREE Lysol Wipes with the purchase of THREE Lysol Products (at least 1 of the 3 must be wipes) via this rebate form. Any purchases beginning 7/1/11 through 10/31/11 are eligible for this rebate which is limited to 1 per household! See below for my suggestions/scenarios. Click here for current printable coupons for select Lysol items.

Lysol Sale Items/Promotions this Week at Various Stores- Confirmed by Me
  • CVS
    • 2/$5 Lysol Cleaners 24-32oz, Wipes 28-35ct, or NeutraAir 10oz (Sale Ends 7-16-11)
    • 2/$10 or $5 each Lysol Wipes 80 ct or 19oz Spray (Sale Ends 7-16-11)
  • Target
    • $2.19 Lysol Wipes 35 Count (My store had then priced $2.54, but they all rang up at $2.19)
    • $2.49 Toilet Bowl Cleaner (there was previous a $1/1 MQ which should still be alive depending on when you printed it)
    • $1.97 (price cut) Lysol Spray/Cleaning Supply (Select Ones)
  • Rite Aid- haven't been there to confirm the prices, but here are the Qs.
    • $1/1 Video Values
    • $1/2 Lysol items (from donation made to Children's Miracle Network-part of a coupon sheet that you'd get for donating at the cash wrap)
  • Walgreens
    • 2/$5 Lysol Wipes 35 Count (Sale Price)
    • $4.99 Lysol Spray 19oz (after $1Q from July 2011 Booklet) 
    • Lysol Neutra Air Kit $7.99-$4MQ (see above)-RR$3= .99 cents! - sale ends 7-16-11
Scenario w/Coupons at Walgreens
  • Buy 2 Lysol Neutra Air Kits $7.99 (two separate transactions due to RR printing!)
    • Use TWO $4/1 MQ from RP 6/12/11
    • Get back TWO RR $3 aka $6 in total
    • =$1.98 OOP
  • Buy 1 Lysol Wipes 35 Count $2.50
  • = Total $4.48-$3 Rebate= $1.48 for all 3! OR $4.48-$2.50 (depending how they will count the "up to $3 part)= $1.98 for all 3!
Scenario w/o Coupons at Target
  • Buy 1 Lysol Wipes-35 Count $2.19
  • Buy 2 Lysol Cleans $1.97 each x 2= $3.94
  • =Total: $6.13
  • Submit for $3 rebate for free wipes= $3.13 (best scenario) for all 3 OR $3.94 (worst scenario) for all 3!
How I Did It
-Buy 1 Lysol NeutraAir Kit at Walgreens: (Sale this Week: $7.99-$4MQ previously found here= Pay $4.99 OOP, Get Back RR $4= .99 cents!)
-Buy 1 Lysol Hand Soap Kit at Rite Aid: Rain Check Price: $7.99-$2 Rite Aid Video Values Q-$3UP Rewards (since it's a rain check, they couldn't do +UP rewards so they just adjusted the price down to $4.99 for me)-$3 MQ from RP 6/12/11= MM .01 cents!
-Buy 2 Lysol Wipes (35 count) at Target: Priced: $2.19x2-$1/2 MQ that expired yesterday (yes I bought two b/c of the coupon)= $3.38
=Sub-Total: .98 cents + $3.38= $4.36
+.44 cents stamp
Best Case Scenario (Since Rebate Says Up to $3): $4.80-3= $1.80 for 2 cans of wipe, 1 Lysol NeutraAir Kit, & Lysol Hand Soap Kit!
Worst Case Scenario: $4.80-$2.19=$2.61 for all of the above unless they are subtracting the $1/2 MQ as well.

Fine Print:

Official Rebate Mail-In Offer

Up to $3.00 rebate by mail with the purchase of three LYSOL® products. Purchase three LYSOL® products to receive a refund of your purchase price of LYSOL® wipes (up to $3.00). One of the three products purchased must be Lysol wipes.

To receive your rebate, mail the following:

  1. Original cash register receipt(s) dated between 07/01/2011 and 10/31/2011 showing purchase of three LYSOL® products (one of which is LYSOL® wipes) with date and purchase prices circled.
  2. The downloaded rebate form.

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