Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nestle Ice Cream Drumstick Cones Facebook FREE Cone Giveaway (but not for CA & select states)

Nestle is giving away 100,000 FREE Drumstick Ice Cream Cones! Unfortunately, since I reside in California, I won't be getting a FREE cone. I am guessing that they will send out a high value Q to us instead. "Like" Nestle's Facebook page and check back at 12pm EST for the giveaway! Other states excluded from the FREE drumstick include: CO, NV, LA, and TN!

 If you live in CaliforniaColorado, or Nevada, we’re not allowed to offer you a coupon for a free cone—but we figured out another way to help you make the most of your summer, and it’s pretty awesome. If you live in Louisiana or Tennessee, we are super sorry, but because of your dairy laws, we can’t offer you any coupon at all.

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