Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Rite-Aid Shopping List for Week of 6/12/11-FREE Visine, Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Bayer, & Cheap Dial, Oral B Toothbrushes!

My Shopping List for Week of 6/12/11

Here's my shopping list for today. Note that I am only listing deals that are nearly free, FREE, or MM along with the corresponding Qs (since they are the ones that I'd participate in). 

Store Coupons
  • $3 off $15+ Survey Code (look for these on the bottom of your receipts). 
  • $2 off Almay Makeup Remover (Pads or Liquid) Rite-Aid Store Q- check your email boxes-it was mailed to me last night 6/11/11
  1. Bayer Advanced Aspirin $3.99 w/UP+ $1.99, Limit 1, FREE w/Q
    1. $2/1 Mq, Sunday Paper 6/12/11
    2. $1.75/1 Mq found here OR here
    3. $1.50/1 Mq (located adjacent to product in aisle at Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, or individual display stand)
    • NOTE: You can grab this deal at CVS as well (Limit 1 too).
    • Note: There's a possible MIR in the Sunday Paper as well "a try it now" according to commercials I've seen the last few days.
  2. Visine Eye Drops, Limit 1, FREE w/in-ad Q, MM w/Qs
    1. Use the $2/1 ANY Visine in ad Q for the travel size (priced at $1.99 at my store)
    2. Print $1/1 Mq on ANY Visine item
  3. Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Limit 2, $3.99 w/UP+ $3 = .99 cents each, FREE w/Q
    1. $1/1 Mq in Sunday Paper 5/12/11- unfortunately for me, I did not get the FREE item, but at .99 cents and with the survey code $3 off $15+ it's still worth it for me...
  4. Dial Lotion or Body Wash, Limit 4,  $3.99 w/UP+ $1= $2.99, .99 cents each w/Q
    1. $2/1 Mq in Sunday Paper 6/12/11
  5. Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush 1 ct Floss or Floss Pick, Limit 2, $2.99 w/UP+ $1= $1.99, .99 cents for TWO w/the below Q
    1. Use ONE B1G1F Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush Mq, P&G June 2011, Sunday Paper 6/5/11 Insert, Pay $2.99 for both toothbrushes and get UP+ Rewards $2 = .99 cents for both! Note that it seems that not everyone got this Q, so check your insert!
  6. Almay Makeup Remover (Price: ??? = Save $3 w/Single Rebate Check #40 and $2 off store emailed Q)
    1. I don't know the price of this item at Rite-Aid, but I am guessing it's around $4.50-$5.50. You can save $2 bucks from the email store Q that was mailed last night (check your email and read my previous post for details). Save an additional $1 via Rite Aid's June 2011 rebates, Check item #40.
    2. Note: Make sure you keep all your receipts and submit for this rebate check when you are done with all the rebate offers for this month. Rite Aid limits 1 check for the entire month. You can submit this online to save a stamp and they will make it to you within a few weeks! Fast and pain free!
Happy Shopping & let me know what you find!

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