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FIELD UPDATE: Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Staples, & Office Max for Week of 6/12/11

I am back from the stores and here to report my findings! Stores are alphabetized from A-Z! If you are from Northern California (specifically San Francisco Bay Area), these prices are pretty reflective of the surrounding areas. Prices in San Francisco may be slightly more on some items. Let me know what you find!

What if my ad does not have all the items listed in all the blogs/regular ad? Depending on the store, you might be able to download and print the coupons via the store's website. For instance, you can do this with Walgreens. San Francisco does not carry all the prices and promotions listed in the standard ad. Print the specific Qs and bring it in to your local store. Remember: You must bring in 1 Q per item desired! I've been told by the store manager that they need it for auditing purposes/bookkeeping for out of city ads.

This is a good week for CVS-plenty of FREE items! Some are MMs too!
List ordered by location on my local ad.

  • Zyrtec $5.99 w/EB $5.99 = FREE, LIMIT 1, Up to $5.99 MM w/Q! - $4 MM for me!
    • I used the $4/1 x7/31/11 Mq even though I had a FREE 5 ct (up to $7.00) x 12/31/11 in hand. I figured that this coupon is expiring soon and it'd still be a $4 MM w/it! I'll save the other Q for the future.
  • Bayer Advanced Aspirin 20 count, $3 w/EB $1= $2, LIMIT 1, FREE w/Q!
    • I used the $2/1 Mq from today's paper. There's also other Mqs ($1.50 and $1.75).
    • Note: This Q is not in all the papers.
  • Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor 1 Count, LIMIT 1, $8 w/EB $4= $4, FREE w/Q!
    • Used the $4/1 Mq in today's paper.
    • Note: This Q is not in all the papers.
  • 1 Cents Candy Sale & Tic Tacs NO LIMIT, $1.76 at my local store each-NO DEAL
    • Even though I had the .75 cents/1 (6/12/11 Sunday Paper) and .55 cents/1 Mqs, I decided NOT to buy this b/c this isn't a spiffy deal. Even the best scenario is $1.76 x 2= $3.52 + .01 = $3.53-.75-.75= $2.03 for 3 OR .67 cents each!
  • Covergirl Cosmetics, Spend $15, Get EB $5, LIMIT 1 (excludes clearance items), = $15-EB$5-$5-$3 (Q machine)= $2 for both w/Qs!
    • I used the $5/2 Natureluxe Mq from last week's Parade (Sunday Paper) magazine. I also saved a $3 off $10+ cosmetic purchase Q from the coupon machine (printed Saturday 6/11/11, expiring today-remember: if you scan your card at the Q machine on Saturdays, chances are many of the X off X Qs will be good for Sunday only- aka a 1 day overlap into the following week! Subtract $5 + $3 and the $5 extra bucks I'd get from this deal, I paid $2 + tax for ONE CoverGirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm and ONE Natureluxe Mascara!
    • Note: For some reason, b/c some of the Natureluxe items are "NEW", many of them are NOT located in the CoverGirl cosmetic shelf section. It might be in its own display case as was the Natureluxe mascara I bought. 
  • John Frieda, Spend $10, Get EB $3, LIMIT 1= MM if you can find the Qs! NO DEAL for Me =(
    • Unfortunately, I couldn't find TWO more of the $5/1 Mqs from RP 6/5/11. Maybe my cousin saved me an extra Mq since I am short one to make this a deal. 
  • Irish Spring/Softsoap 5/$5, NO LIMIT, FREE w/Store Q! 
    • I used the $1/1 store Q (1 per customer) from the Reinventing Magazine (priced: .99 cents and comes w/Qs such as the Colgate Total Toothpaste, Nature Made, Lady's Speed Stick, and Irish Spring Qs). I got mine for free at the checkout stand about a month ago (1 sheet). 
  • Multi-Pack Crest, Fixodent, Glide, or Oral-B, LIMIT 2, Get EB $2!, .49 cents each for me!
  • INCLUDED in the Get $2 EB multi-pack deal even though it's NOT a multi-pack.
    Confirmed  by signage and store manager.
    • I didn't have Qs for this deal. 
    • The travel size 2.7oz Crest w/Scope toothpaste works with this deal (Priced: $2.49 at my store). I was skeptical even though the tag said this and I called the store manager who confirmed that this item IS PART OF THE MULTI-PACK deal! Score!
    • =$2.49-EB $2= .49 cents each! 
  • ANY Single Pack Crest Pro-Health Paste, Rinse, Toothbrush, or Glide Floss, Spend $10, Get EB $5, LIMIT 2, $5.40 after EB $10 and Qs!
    • My original idea was to use my B1G1F Oral B Pro Health Cross Action toothbrush Mqs from P&G June 2011 to maximize this deal. However, my store had little to none of these toothbrushes left this morning and I had to revise my plan immediately. 
    • Here's what I bought for this transaction. 
      • TWO Crest ProGlide Clinical Protection Floss $4.49 each
      • ONE Crest Pro Health 4oz Toothpaste $3.99
      • TWO Crest Pro Health for Me (kids) Toothpaste $3.59 each (regular price)
      • Used ONE $2/1 Crest ProGlide Catalina (printed from Walgreens CAT machine last week, manufacturer Q!)
      • Used ONE .75 cents/1 Mq from P&G June 2011 (6/5/11 insert)
      • Used TWO $1/1 Crest Pro Health for Me Toothpaste P&G June 2011 (6/5/11 insert)- (took off $2 total)
    • Total= $20.15 before Qs-$4.75 in coupons-$10 extra bucks= $5.40+tax for ALL 5 items!
  • Motrin PM, 20 count, $4 w/EB $3= $1, LIMIT 3, MM $1 each w/Qs!
    • I used THREE of the $2/1 Mqs I found CVS/Walgreens a few weeks back. This Q beats the $1/1 in today's paper. 
  • First Aid Deal, $3 off $10+ purchase, LIMIT 1 per household, $4.57 for all THREE w/Qs!
    • Here's what I bought:
      • TWO $4 each Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Medical tape (1 is featured in the above photo, the rest my mommy happily took off my hands) = $8 total
      • ONE CVS Brand Alcohol Wipes $2.57 (regular price)
      • Total: $10.57-$3 (coupon machine Q-scan your card this week to grab this Q)-$3/2 any Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Brand Items (I found mind in an aisle coupon box/shelf at Safeway= $4.57 for all THREE!
Office Max

I grabbed the Sharpie Accent 5 count highlighters w/the online Q. Fill in your name and email address and the bonus coupon page will pop up. Print the page (ahhhhh beware, full color!). Plenty of these at my local store! 

Rite Aid
Not a great week at Rite Aid, but I managed to use TWO of my $3 off $15+ purchase survey Qs and was sad that no additional ones printed! :(

List ordered based on location in my weekly ad. Prices excludes the $3 off $15+ Qs I used.
  • Arizona Iced Tea, Fruit Punch, or Much Mango, 23 oz, NO LIMIT, .67 cents each!
    • I needed a filler to make $15 pre coupons and decided to grab one of these! It's pretty tasty! These normally run .99 cents and I've seen them often on sale for $1/2 or .50 cents each!
  • Bayer Advanced Aspirin, 24 or 20 count, LIMIT 1, $3.99 w/UP+ $1.99=$2, FREE w/$2 Q, .25 cents for me!
    • I had two Sunday papers, but only one of mine had the $2/1 Mq. I ended up using a $1.75/1 Q I grabbed from Target's coupon site. 
  •  Raid Bug Barrier Starter Bottle 30 oz, $6.99, $2.99 w/Qs! - good deal AND HUGE bottle!
    • I used the $1 Rite Aid Video Values Q and the $3/1 Mq from today's paper! Item not pictured b/c my dad was too happy to take it from me!
  • Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, Complete Care 6oz or Advanced 4.3oz, LIMIT 2, $3.99 w/UP+ $3= .99 cents!
    • I had no Qs for this deal, but I figured it was still good with the $3 off $15+ survey code. I needed to add up to $15 and used two of these as fillers. Plenty of these left at my local store.
  • Crest Toothpaste, 3D White Rinse, Oral B Cross Action Manual Toothbrush (1ct), Floss or Floss Picks, LIMIT 2, $2.99 w/UP+ $1= $1.99, .99 cents for TWO w/Q!
    • I used the B1G1F Oral B Pro Health Cross Action toothbrush Mq from P&G June 2011 which took off $2.99. I got TWO UP+$1 = $2 in total in UP+ rewards meaning I paid .99 cents in total after UP+ Rewards!
  • Dial Lotion OR Body Wash, 16-18oz, LIMIT 4, $3.99 w/UP+ $1.00= $2.99, .99 cents w/Qs!
    • Used ONE $2/1 for this deal. 
    • Note: Not all Sunday papers had this Q. 1 of the 2 papers I got had this Q. The other one did not. You can also use this Q for the B1G1F deal at Walgreens this week!
  • Visine, $2 off Q (in weekly ad)- NO DEAL
    • I couldn't find the travel size at my local store and the cheapest Visine was priced at $5.99. Even after my $2/1 Mq and the $2/1 weekly ad Q, I would've still had to pay $1.99. 
    • Note: I have not actually seen the travel size Visine ever at my two local Rite Aid stores. I've only seen the travel size at select Walgreens and CVS.
  • Almay Makeup Remover, $5.50-$5.99, w/$2 email Q and $1 June 2011 rebate check, NO DEAL
    • Since I have until the end of the month to take advantage of the $1 single check rebate PLUS the $2 email Q, I will hold off after seeing the prices today. Prices vary depending if you are getting the pads, the wipes, or the liquid form.
I went in to my local Staples for the 18 Rectrable Pental Pens (Black Ink Only/Wow! 18 Pack) w/100% Staples Rewards Back =FREE!Make sure you check carefully and grab the correct ones -BLACK INK ONLY! I also grabbed a few of these Poly Zip Check Envelopes during last week's $3 off ANY $3+ purchase promotion and used them to store my coupons, payment methods (RR/UP+/EB), and receipts! These are on sale this week in the $1 section! Pick a few up! They've made my life a lot easier and it's only been a week!

I was really excited for the Dr. Scholl's for Her deal (B2G$5 gift card!). Used some expiring Qs for the Oscar Mayer sandwich combos! Don't forget to get a nickel back for bringing your own reusable bag!

Transaction #1
  • Dr. Scholl's for Her: Buy 2, Get $5 Target Gift Card, Prices: $6.99-$9.99
    • I went into the store planning on grabbing the cheapest items that would qualify for this deal (priced $6.49 online and $6.99 at my local store). However, I ended up spending a little more, but it was totally worth it because I found the "Fast Flats-Foldable Flats w/Stylish Wristlet AND it came with a cute golden colored heel bag (along with the regular shoe bag!)-Priced $9.99.
    • Used TWO $2/1 Qs (see my previous post for details)
    • Used TWO Target Web/Store Qs $1/1 each found here
    • Got a $5 Gift Card
    • Cheapest Possible Transaction:
      • $6.99 x 2= $13.98-$2(2)-$1(2)= $7.98 out of pocket w/$5 gift card!= $2.98!

Transaction #2
I used the $5 towards my second transaction.
  • Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combos $2.56 at my local store, $1.56 w/Q
    • My Qs for this item were expiring this week so I figured I grab them. $1.56 after Q is reasonable for this item.
  • A-1 Steak Sauce 10oz $3.12, $1.12 w/Qs
    • Used the $1/1 Target Store/Web Q and the $1/1 10oz+ larger Mq from 6/5/11 Sunday Paper.
  • Sonia Kashuk Beauty Tool $1.99, .99 cents w/Q
    • used the $1/1 Target Web Q. This was the cheapest item at my local store! Excited to try this item! It's so cute!
  • Target UP Pantiliners 22 count/Regular, .89 cents each, .14 cents each w/Q!
    • used the $1/1 Target Web Q making each pack .14 cents each! Time to donate these!

This isn't a great week for Walgreens. Nevertheless, I still bought a few items. I also found some sturdy tinted binders for $1.72 in the CLEARANCE aisle.
Deals posting order based on weekly ad.
  • Nestle Candy, .39 cents each, .04 cents OR .26 cents w/Qs!
    • I printed the .35 cents/1 Mq (making the candy .04 cents) and the B2G1F Mq (making each candy .26 cents each) for this deal. 
  • Wal-Fex 24 Hour Allergy Relief 5 Count, $3.99 w/RR $3.99= FREE! Allergy Book Q does NOT work w/this deal so NO MM! = NO DEAL
    • I ended up not getting this deal since I already have enough allergy medicine around.
    • NOTE: The previously mentioned $1/1 Q found in the Walgreens Allergy Book has been confirmed to NOT work with this deal. 
  • Baking Favorites- Betty Crocker-Cake/Fudge Brownie Cake Mixes (multi items apply), .99 cents, .98 cents for TWO w/Q!
    • I used the $1/2 Mq I mentioned in yesterday's post from the General Mills May 2011 manufacturer coupon book that I found at Safeway last month. This Q expires TOMORROW!!!
  • Puffs Facial Tissue, 6 pack to go, 124 or 200 sheets, 2/$3 w/RR $1= 2/$2
  • All THREE that are part of the promotion: 124 count Puff + Lotion, 200 count, and the 6 pack pocket tissues! 
    • I didn't have any Qs, but this is still a good deal.
    • TIP: Use the $3 RR from the Reach toothbrush deal last week and pay just tax! OR a $2 RR from the Reach deal w/a $1 RR from the Aussie shampoo from last week!
  • Colgate Toothbrush 360, Max Fresh, MaxWhite, or Total, Single Pack, $2.99 w/RR $2= .99 cents each, MM .01 w/Q!
    • I'll get this later this week, but there were plenty at my local stores. Perhaps, people are toothbrushed out from last week's REACH toothbrush deal. use the $1/1 Colgate Mq from today's paper!
  • Blistex RPM for Men Lip Care .15 oz, $2 w/RR $2= FREE-NO DEAL available :(
    • YLMV (your luck may vary) to try to find this item. I went to several stores and NONE of them carried this item. I checked both the usual lip care aisle, travel, and near the register and had no luck.
    • TIP: Use the RR$2 from the REACH toothbrush deal last week or the RR $2 illy coffee from the week before!
  • Bayer Advanced Aspirin 20 to 24 count, $3 w/RR $1= $2, FREE w/Q!
    • I didn't get this deal, but it was easy to find this in the cold remedy/aspirin section. 
    • TIP: Use the RR .99 cents SobeLife Water, RR .99 cents Icy Hot CAT from previous weeks!
  • Accu-Chek Aviva or Compact Plus Blood Glucose Monitor $14.99 w/MIR $14.99= FREE
    • Wasn't going to buy this item, but didn't see it at the store either.
  • Air Freshener Kit: Choose between Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic ($13.99 retail), Airwick Freshmatic ($15.99) and Freshmatic Mini ($9.99), On sale $7.99 w/RR $3= $4.99, .99 cents w/Q!
    • Both the papers I had today contained the AirWick $4/1 Mq. I bought ONE of the Lysol and ONE of the AirWicks. 
    • NOTE: DO NOT TRY TO BUY THE AIRWICK BASED ON THE PHOTO IN THE WEEKLY AD. IT IS FOR THE WRONG ITEM!!!! The wording is correct: the photo is NOT. Read the signage carefully at your local store, double check on the names, and check the price to make sure it rings for $7.99/ask store associate, before you complete the transaction OR your RR might not print!!!! See below for a sample of the Lysol Neutra AirFreshmatic and the Airwick Freshmatic. I didn't get the mini one.
  • Tinted Binders, 1" each, $1.72 CLEARANCE!
Office Supplies-CLEARANCE! Great for couponing and as a larger $ filler.
  • Favorite Fillers: I am sticking with the Nestle Candy (.39 cents) and the .50 cents Big Roll or Tuf Paper Towel as my favorite fillers for this week! Both were readily available at my local stores.
The 4 count disposable razors are finally available at my local Walmart (priced: .97 cents). I used my $1/1 Mq and had .03 cents in overage in which I also used in part to pay for the Carefree Acti-Fresh pantiliners (had a .50 cents/1 Q for this item). Total came to .61 cents including tax for BOTH!

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