Saturday, June 18, 2011

CVS Shopping Trip- My $30 Gas Card Deal w/Total Cereal, Garnier Moisturizers/Sunscreen, & Palmolive Dish Soap!

I was done with CVS for the week when I got a $5 off $20+ purchase coupon in my Thursday newspaper. I looked through the ad again and decided to attempt the Gas Promotion (Spend $30 in participating products, Get $10 (Arco) Gas Card back)! After coupons, I paid $14.72 ($16.19 w/CA tax at 10%)  out of pocket for all the items below and got a $10 Arco Gas Card! There's still the rest of the day for this scenario so take advantage of it if you can!
Sale without Coupons: $30.72+ tax
Retail without Coupons: $53.95+tax
My Price: $14.72 w/$10 Arco Gift Card = $4.72 +tax
Crazy to think that there are many folks paying retail! 
$30.72 before coupons for all of the above items
  • Buy 3 Boxes of Total 100% Whole Grain Cereal (3/$6) aka $3 each
    • Use THREE $1/1 Peelies on the cereal BOX. The peelies are actually good for most if not all of the Total cereals, but my store only carried the Whole Grain ones. (takes off $1x3= $3 total)
  • Buy FOUR Garnier Moisturizers $4.99 each
    • Use FOUR $2/1 Mq from RP 5/1/11 (takes off $2x4= $8 total)
  • Buy TWO Palmolive Dish Soap .88 cents each
    • I didn't have any Qs for this item, BUT I should have pre-printed some .25 cents/1 ones from here (prints 2x) when they were available!
  • Sub-total: $30.72- ($5 off $20+ purchase newspaper Q-you can print one from iheartcvs here)= $25.72-$3 (cereal coupon total)-$8 (Garnier coupon total)= $14.72 
  • CA 10% Tax= $1.47
  • TOTAL: $16.19 including tax & Got a $10 Arco Gas Card (see above photo)
  • Subtracting the gas card, I paid $6.19 including tax for 3 boxes of cereal, 4 Garnier moisturizers, and 2 bottles of 10fl oz dish soap!
  • Retail Sticker Value: $16.47 (Total Cereal) + $33.96 (Garnier moisturizer)+$3.52= $53.95  or $59.34 including CA 10% tax (out of pocket total)-$10 gas card= $43.95 OR $49.34 (including tax) (total subtracting the gas card)! 

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