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Updates from WALGREENS Shopping Trip for Week of 5/29/11, FREE or Better than FREE AppliedNutrition, Icy Hot, Ecotrin, Illy Coffee, Listerine, Aquafresh & Tylenol Precise!

This is a pretty spiffy week for register rewards and great deals at Walgreens! The items below are my favorites for this week. Read my comments to save yourself some time while shopping at the stores along with tips after my "field research". I was a bit bummed that I could not locate any Ritz Crackerfuls OR their substitutes during the last two days albeit having Qs for them! Someone has been clearing the shelves in my area... tsk tsk tsk (and I shop on Sundays too!). If you cannot find these items, check back at the end of the week aka Saturday as many items are restocked! Note that the Ritz Crackerful deal has ended!

What if my regional ad does not list all the sale items in the FULL/Standard Ad? See the end of my post for how to resolve this issue! 

  • AppliedNutrition Triple Calcium (90 count), $10 w/ RR $10  = FREE, MM or break even with Q!
    • Use the $1 off manufacturer coupon located inside the box. After the Q, it would make for a MM or in my case break even since tax is 10% (aka $1 for me) in my area.
    • NOTE: The $1 off Q for the AppliedNutrition Supplement in the Walgreen's Vitamin Book DOES NOT work with this item even though I read that it can be used on other blogs.
    • Where is it in the store? Vitamin Section, Nutrition/Supplement Health, OR most commonly found in its own display shelf in those sections.
  • Icy Hot Naturals Pain Relief Cream .5 oz, .99 cents w/RR .99 cents = FREE, MM w/Q
    • Follow the steps below (it must go in this order!)
    • #1: Use the $1 off manufacturer coupon (SS 5/1/11)
    • #2: Use the in store/weekly ad Q to make the item .99 cents
    • Where is it in the store? First Aid or Pain Relief Aisle, Travel Section
    • These work miracles on muscle pain and they are the perfect size for travel!
    • Side Note: Tylenol Precise Patches/Cream - a MM/$2.01 in overage (tomorrow is the last day!)
      • $5.99 sale price
        • Use $5 off Tylenol Precise Q found here (prints 2x)
        • Use $3 off Tylenol Precise Walgreens May 2011 Book Q 
        • Make sure you have something for the $2.01 in overage! 
        • Remember that you only have until tomorrow to do this! 
  •  BC or Goody's Headache Relief Powders - 6 Pack, $1.50 w/$1.50 RR = FREE!
    • Where is it located in the store? These were all over the place at the few stores I went to (quite literally...). Find it in the travel section, next to the large size Goody/BC in the pain relief section, or near the front/check out/cashier section!
    • good filler
  • Illy Coffee (Choose Between Caffe, 6.8 oz, Latte Macchiato, or Cappuccino, 8.45 oz) $2 w/RR $2 = FREE
    • Where is it in the store? inside the refrigerator near the Starbucks Coffee, in aisle adjacent to the Starbucks 4 Pack and Arizona tea, or in the grocery/food aisle or end of the aisle. 
    • Note:  Not every store carries this coffee!
    • good filler
    • I tried one of these and they are very good-arguably better than the Starbucks 4 Pack I bought the other week!
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System, $9.89 w/RR $5= $4.89, FREE or .89 cents with Q (expiring TOMORROW 5/31/11!!!) - not featured in above picture
    • Tip #1: Use $4 off manufacturer coupon (P&G May 2011, x5/31/11) OR $5 off manufacturer coupon (P&G Brand Sampler- requested via snail mail x/5/31/11) 
    • Where is it in the store? Razor section, often located near deodorant and body wash
  • Listerine (Choose Between 72 Pack Pocketpaks OR Smart Rinse, 500ml), $2.99 w/RR $2 = .99 cents, .49 cents w/ Q for the 72 Pack or FREE for the Smart Rinse if the below Q works...
    • Tip #1: Use .50 cents off Listerine Q from SS 4/17/11 x12/31/11 for the 72 Pack Pocketpaks
    • Tip #2: Use the $1 off Listerine Smart Rinse, 500 ml off Agent Blue Q from SS 4/17/11 x 12/31/11, Note that technically this Q says "Agent Blue" Rinse and NOT "Smart Rinse" so I cannot confirm if it works. However, it should work since it's just a different "flavor" and not necessarily a different line. YLMV.
    • Where is it in the store? Dental Care Aisle and Near Check Out
    • I love the Pocketpaks. They're quite strong, but very effective for great breathe!
  • Aquafresh Toothpaste (4.6 to 6.4 oz) including kids ones! Limit 3, .99 cents with in ad Q, not pictured in above picture
    • This Q was not found in all the San Francisco Bay Area newspapers, but maybe you live elsewhere and have better luck! Find the $1 off Q inside SS 4/17/11 for this to be FREE!
    • Where is this item in the store? Dental Care aisle
  • Colgate Dental Care- MaxFresh, MaxClean, or MaxWhite Toothbrush or Toothpaste, 6 oz, $2/5 w/RR $2 = $2/3, .50 cents each w/Q, not in picture above
    • Use TWO $1 off Q from All You (May 2011) x 6/30/11 
    • Where is this item in the store? Dental Care aisle
  • Ecotrin Pain Relief, 45 ct, Low Strength, Limit 3, .99 cents each, MM or FREE w/Qs
    • Follow the steps below, it must go in this order!
    • #1 Use $1.50 Q (RP 5/1/11- I hope you didn't throw it away by accident like I did!) OR $1 Q (found here, prints 2x)
    • #2 Use in store/weekly ad coupon to make it .99 cents each.
    • Where is this item in the store? Pain Relief Section with the Advils, Tylenols, and Excedrin
  • Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Monitor, $14.99 w/$14.99 MIR = FREE, not pictured above
    • Where is this item in the store? near the pharmacy 
  • Celsius Green Tea-4 Pack, 12 oz. each, $3.99 w/RR $3, = .99 cents
    • Where is this item located? With the health drinks, supplements aisle and NOT in the grocery aisle
    • In my opinion, is it good? As you can see from the photo, I consumed one. I was very skeptical to buy this even though it was only .99 cents with the RR since I usually don't have great experiences with energy/fitness/dietary drinks. However, I thought it was decent and consumable. Beware, however, because it contains a lot of caffeine! Even as a daily coffee/caffeinated gal, I felt a bit jittery after consuming about 1/4 of the bottle!! It gives the same jittery feel as the Coke Zero. According to the can, it contains 200mg of caffeine per serving (aka nearly 1.50-2x the amount of caffeine consumed by a cup of coffee according to here). 
Favorite "Fillers" for this Week
What's a filler? An item that you can use to reach a $ total to utilize your register rewards. These are typically items where it's super cheap and/or do not have combining coupons.
  • Act II Popcorn 3oz , .25 cents, Limit 8
  • Royal Gelatin 5/$1 OR .20 cents each!, Limit 5, Regular or Sugar Free
  • Walgreens "W" Brand Pantiliners (20/22 pack), Limit 4, 2/$1 or .50 cents each w/weekly ad (you can just buy 1 and still get it for .50 cents)

What if I live in a region that does not participate in all of these deals? See the end of my post for how to resolve this issue!
I often see different ads in major cities like San Francisco (in which there ad is usually half the size of the standard ad and with less coupons and advertisements for the weekly register reward promotions). In any case, print the coupons from Walgreen's website or get your hand on a physical ad from a region with the corresponding coupons. From my experience, the RRs still print for non-participating regions even though it's not in the ad. If you want the price that all the coupon blogs write about, you need to print that coupon out or bring the out of region ad. However, you might have to do some explaining b/c generally speaking Walgreens has not done a good job at training their employees to take the weekly ad coupons that are printed from their website and there might be some confusion.

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